Seeking Help with Addiction

Seeking Help with Addiction

Battling with complex issues may sound like alien terms or territory for a few, but in reality, more than 35% of the teenagers in the world are fighting this dangerous battle every single day. Battling addiction such as drugs and alcohol requires primary care as it is sensitive to mental depression, instability, or anxiety.

There are various facilities and therapeutic institutions that now focus on detoxification of the body and rehabilitation of the addicted such as McLean in the US, Paracelsus Recovery in Switzerland, and Sydney Detox & Rehab in Northern Australia, The Lighthouse in Bali, and DARA in Thailand. Rehabs and Treatment centers have become extremely popular and effective in helping individuals to heal and reattach themselves to society.

Working Principle of Rehab Programs

The Rehab centers and specific detox programs work hand in hand in creating a wholesome environment, and a tailor-made program for the affected individuals. Battling with addiction, be it with drugs or alcohol is not to be taken lightly as this could endanger their lives. When an individual comes to this realization, it might prove to be a very vulnerable and sensitive period for the individual as he/she tries to seclude themselves from society.

The Detox programs are necessary for the individual. It helps balance their bodily systems whilst slowly working towards removing the toxins from the body and heals the person both physically and emotionally. Mental well being is as important as physical wellbeing in these programs. Therefore most facilities offer medically backed detox programs and counseling as a means to open up and heal the individual in a safe and private environment.

Rehabilitation is not compulsory, but it is 65% more effective in de-addiction as suggested by medical practitioners. Rehabs help in creating a safe environment for the individual by focussing on harmony with their inner and external self.

Often it helps when they are in a group of similar-minded people who have battled this journey in life, so that they may learn from one another without the feeling of being judged. Rehabs introduce an element of positivity to the process by focussing on their hobbies, interests, and passions and help them by harnessing these qualities.

Natural Healing Methodology

Most Rehab facilities, such as The lighthouse in Bali and Sydney Detox and Rehab, are trying to introduce naturally backed methods so that the individuals can root themselves back with nature as the source for encouragement and motivation to move forward in life. Natural methods such as swimming, kayaking, acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy amongst others are some of the widely used methods to heal a person emotionally and spiritually.

These activities are imbibed in their day to day life as part of their routine when they are on a rehabilitation program. When they go back to their regular day to day life, it becomes part of who they are and what they do on a daily basis.

Nature walks, sea and beaches, forests, and winds provide natural healing for the patients which makes them go back to their childhood memories and reset their lives in a way that they can untether from the old habits and restart with healthier and more fruitful habits for their lives.