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Essential Equipment for Operating a Sports Medicine Clinic

After years of working for another clinic, you’re finally opening up your own sports medicine practice. All clinics need the right equipment and medicine to help their patients recover after a sports injury. That means that, as a clinic owner, you need to manage your inventory.

But how do you know what equipment is essential—and what isn’t?

Keep reading to find some of the key pieces of equipment that every sports medicine clinic needs.

Exercise Equipment

Every sports injury clinic needs exercise gear to help with rehabilitation. After a sports injury, it can take weeks or months of physical therapy and exercise to regain strength.

This can involve equipment such as parallel bars, kettlebells, weights, and elastic resistance bands. Your equipment will depend on the type of sports medicine you do.

Nutritionists, for example, won’t need anywhere near as much equipment as someone who works in rehab for a professional sports team would need.

Tape and Taping Tables

Taping is a huge part of sports medicine. If you’re working on a sports injury recovery, a medical professional will often tape the body part in place.

With taping, athletes gain stability and limit their range of motion, which can be helpful for overuse injuries. Your clinic will need a range of tapes and taping tables for athletic training, ensuring you can help athletes get back on their feet.


Sometimes, sports clinics will prescribe medication to patients while they recover. This can include medicine for pain and anti-inflammation.

Balance Tools

It can take a lot of work to regain balance after an injury. So, your clinic should have balance boards, Bosu balls, yoga mats, and other aids that help people balance and find stability as they’re healing.

Hot and Cold Packs

A range of hot and cold packs and compresses in a range of sizes is important for any clinic. Hot and cold therapies are almost always used when you’re trying to heal a sports injury.

First Aid Supplies

Any medical clinic, even one with a sports focus, will need a fully-stocked range of first aid supplies. Splints, bandages, gauze, and braces are all important pieces of medical equipment needed to treat patients and help them heal safely.

While most acute treatments after an injury will occur at a hospital, a sports clinic still plays a big role in ongoing patient treatment and care.

Ensure Your Sports Medicine Clinic Is Fully Stocked

Whether you’re a new or experienced sports medicine professional, we hope you find this guide helpful. Every sports medicine clinic should be stocked with the equipment and tools above, plus anything more needed for their specialty.

Organization and proper clinic management are essential to managing your supplies. You never want to run out of something important when you have a patient in need!

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