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History Celebration: Amman Museum Celebrates Lost Art Of Signage

Different ways are used by people to communicate a message, such as languages, slang, pictures, and gestures. Some other type of communicating technique that uses signs and symbols to communicate is called Signage. Signage can consist of a single sign or a collection of signs grouped. From 1975 to 1980, the documentation of the signage began and it became very popular. To display information to a particular audience, any kind of visual graphics created and used are called signs.

These Signs are not just some brushstrokes on the pieces of metal and glass but they hold a more significant place. The signage tells us about the past times as they are not just a mere tool of advertisement. Amman museum is celebrating the lost art of signage. To learn about the shops, residents, and society of the 1940s Jordanian capital, these old signs are shown in the Amman Museum.

People who know are fans of these signs or have some knowledge about them are rushing to the museum. People from abroad are also coming in huge numbers. Most people are coming from Dubai to Amman as they are very close to the language in which these signs are written, the Arabic language. The popularity of art is increasing. This art solely depends on the Calligraphy technique. This art is a way of giving it back to society.


What is Calligraphy?

The art of giving expressions harmoniously and skillfully is known as a contemporary calligraphic practice. It can be termed as a visual art related to writing.  A pen, ink brush, or other writing instruments are used in the designing and execution of making the letters. Calligraphy keeps on prospering in the types of wedding solicitations and occasion solicitations, dispatched calligraphic workmanship, cut stone engravings, and remembrance reports, textual style plan, and typography, unique hand-lettered logo plan, strict craftsmanship, declarations, visual depiction. It is likewise for tributes, birth and demise endorsements, maps, and composed works additionally utilized for props and moving pictures for film and TV.

The Master Mind Of Collection: Ghazi Khattab while 

The celebration of the Old Signs of Amman Museum was started by Ghazi Khattab. It is his brainchild. He is a Jordanian graphic designer. He saw Arabic calligraphy while walking in downtown Amman in the 1970s as a child. His love for art started at a very young age. He created his masterpieces with the Arabic names twisting, curving, and ballooning in fresco and pop art. He studied graphic art in Germany. 

His signs are not only historical records but also freeze frames of a lost Jordan. He is trying hard to save this lost art. His signs took 10 to 15 days to produce in the whole process. The first step of the whole process is a coat of primer on a metal sheet. After that the second coat of synthetic paint. After drying the surface, paint the text. Then encasing the sign in a protective sheet of glass. 

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