The Legendary CS:GO Skin — M4A4 Howl

The Legendary CS:GO Skin — M4A4 Howl

Do you want to give your M4A4 a cool makeover? The Howl skin is one of the most eye-catching looks for this CS:GO rifle. It is also one of the rarest, as you can only acquire it through purchase or trade up contracts. Splurging on the most expensive skin is a big decision, so here is the lowdown on M4A4 Howl in 2022.

Background Information

This colorful look was unveiled in 2014. It first appeared in the Huntsman Collection, whose release matched the Hunt Begins update. Shortly afterwards, it was redesigned and removed from the case due to copyright violations.

Today, M4A4 Howl is the only Contraband skin in CS:GO. The scarcity of available copies justifies the price. Both basic and StatTrak versions are available. 

Description of the Design 

The color palette is an elegant combination of black, brown, red, orange, and white. The image of a wolf’s head adorns the body of the rifle. Its mouth is wide open, and the red-white gradient makes the beast look like a lion. 

The rest of the weapon is covered with a red flaming pattern on a black background. The handle and some sections of the buttstock and barrel are solid red. The look of the skin is not affected by the pattern index.

Effect of Float

The float value is limited — ​​from 0.00 to 0.40. The Battle-Scarred condition is unavailable. Even Factory New skins are covered with scratches, so you will never find a completely clean look. Abrasions gradually increase and eventually cover the entire body. However, the image of the wolf’s head remains largely intact.

Overview of Prices

A basic Factory New skin could set you back over $9,000, while a Well-Worn one costs around $5,000. The prices for the StatTrak edition range between $10,000 and $24,000. 

As of the time of writing, the best price for the basic Field-tested M4A4 Howl is found on DMarket — at just $2,848.99. In this condition, the skin has only a few visible abrasions. According to Steam Analyst, this platform also has the lowest prices for Minimal Wear StatTrak skin — from $9,166.65

 According to Steam Analyst, this platform also has the lowest prices for Minimal Wear StatTrak skin — from $9,166.65

Where to Buy

As you can see, the official Steam community does not always have the most competitive offers. Savvy CS:GO fans are turning to independent platforms. These sites connect to members’ Steam accounts to enable trading. They are not created equal, but the biggest names like DMarket have a lot to offer.

First, unlike Steam, they support withdrawals, so players can monetize in-game assets. Secondly, they follow strict security protocols. On DMarket, members can buy and sell over 1 million skins safely and fast using 20+ payment methods. The blockchain technology guarantees safety of data and transfers. Over 10 million deals have been executed on this platform since 2017.