Disney Vacation Club: This Is How It Works

Disney Vacation Club: This Is How It Works

Did you know that Disney World attracts 58 million visitors every year?

Disney’s resorts and parks are some of the most traveled destinations in the world. Visiting Disney World is a great experience for the entire family with something fun for everyone.

Booking vacations at Disney resorts can be an expensive purchase, but there are options that make it more affordable. The Disney Vacation Club is a great choice for your family that will help you get the most out of the Disney experience.

Continue reading to learn more about the Disney Vacation Club process and find out if it is right for you.

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

So you might be wondering what the Disney Vacation Club is. Think of it as Disney’s answer to vacation timeshares. If you’re a big-time fan of Disney World and other Disney resorts then it is a great investment for you.

The Disney Vacation Club works in a more flexible manner than normal timeshares. You have customization available to you. You have a contract of points that you use throughout the year and they reset at the end of each year.

Each year you will pay maintenance fees for the resort that your points are invested in but your contract can cover decades. It gives you the ability to book your vacations years out into the future at your “home resort”.

You can use your points on a Disney vacation at a variety of different Disney resort locations at Walt Disney World. Some of those locations are:

  • Animal Kingdom Villas
  • Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort
  • Beach Club Villas
  • Boardwalk Villas
  • Boulder Ridge Villas and Copper Creek Cabins
  • Old Key West Resort
  • Polynesian Villas
  • Riviera Resort
  • Saratoga Springs Resort

You can also get Disney Vacation Club rentals at the Vero Beach Resort and Hilton Head Island Resort using your DVC points.

You should be aware that there is only one location in California that accepts DVC points, and that resort is the Villas at the Grand Californian Hotel.

If you’re wanting to travel abroad, there are options for places you can stay using your DVC points. These places include the Disney Cruise Lines, Disney Adventures, and even Disney resorts at parks in other countries.

What Does the Disney Vacation Club Cost?

When purchasing a membership to the Disney Vacation Club, Disney will have you put down a down payment. The down payment is in the neighborhood of 10 percent of the total cost, with the rest being paid in monthly payments.

Disney encourages buyers to finance the remainder of the cost. You can also pay using a credit or debit card. Paying upfront is the best option because it reduces financial strain over the long haul.

There are also closing costs on your Disney Vacation Club membership that you need to take into account. The closing costs start at $587 but the amount is dependent on the number of points you purchase as the size of the room.

Disney Vacation Club: This Is How It Works

Annual dues are also something to take into consideration. These dues are your payment towards the maintenance of your home resort and they increase every year. The average increase is 4-6% with annual fees starting at $70.

It is important to know that the value of your DVC points changes throughout the year. There are five different seasons at Disney World that are based on the volume of visitors.

The five seasons are Adventure Season, Choice Season, Dream Season, Magic Season, and Premier Season. Adventure Season is the least busy times of the year while Premier Season is the times of the year where the resorts see the most volume.

There are other options available to you as well. You can purchase DVC shop resales as a way to get DVC points for less than if you bought a membership. This is a great avenue to take if you want to enjoy a Disney vacation without long-term investment.

Benefits of Disney Vacation Club

If you’re asking yourself whether a Disney Vacation Club is worth it, there are some benefits that come with it that you should consider. They’ll make the experience that much better for your next Disney vacation.


Investing in a Disney Vacation Club membership is a guaranteed way to get discounts for your next trip. The discounts apply to things like annual passes. It also applies to food at the resorts and parks as well as merchandise.

Dining Options

If you’re a DVC member you have the option to book a Dining Plan for your meals. Another benefit is that most of the villas that you can get a DVC for have full kitchens which make cooking your own meals an option.

If you want to save a little bit of money and time, you can even have your groceries delivered to your villa ahead of time. That way you don’t need to take a trip to the grocery store but can jump right into enjoying your Disney vacation.

Perks of Membership

If you want to feel like a VIP then the Disney Vacation Club is the way to go. Disney hosts DVC-only events after hours at the parks, such as Moonlight Magic.

These events are for DVC members and the people that they invite-only. The park is mostly empty and there are free snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy.

There are also lounges at the park that are dedicated to DVC members. These lounges are air-conditioned and have snacks and beverages for you to cool off between park experiences.

Vacation Perks

The best benefit that you’ll get from becoming a member of the Disney Vacation Club is that you have a guaranteed vacation every single year.

There is also a special service that DVC members get for help with setting up their vacation and helping them get the most out of their membership points.

Your membership will also grant you the ability to pool hop. If you don’t like the pool at your home resort, you can use your DVC membership to access a deluxe resort’s pool that you like better for free.

The accommodations are also a great perk. The villas and rooms are luxurious and have everything that you’ll ever need. Best of all, with a DVC you will pay a fraction of the cost that a non-member pays to stay there.

Upgrade Your Vacations

The Disney Vacation Club has a world of benefits that make it a great investment for the whole family. If you love Disney then it is a great way to save money on vacations to Disney World and other Disney resorts across the globe.

It also grants you access to perks that non-members couldn’t dream of. Best of all, the process is quick and easy and guarantees that you’ll get an amazing Disney vacation experience every year.

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