Ghana celebrities have made fooling very attractive – Michael Essien (VIDEO)

Ghanaian most talented footballer Michael Essien has mocked some self acclaimed celebrities in Ghana who went to meet American rapper, Cardi B, but got snubbed indicating that to be a celebrity goes beyond using social media to fool.

The defensive midfielder for F.K Sabail noted in a video circulating on various social media platforms that celebrites in Ghana have made fooling an attractive venture most Ghanaians are aspiring to enter because fooling on social media is all one need to be called a celebrity in Ghana.

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To him, some people who claim they’re celebrities came into the limelight moments after they started fooling on social media which caught the eyes of some people to hail them as such.

However, he believes that to be called a celebrity, one need to leave a legacy which others can emulate but in Ghana, all it takes is to fool for just two to three days and attributed it to be the main reason why celebrities from other countries do not respect Ghanaian celebrites hence the disgrace some self acclaimed celebrities brought upon themselves when Cardi B visited Ghana.