Following a tragic gunshot of his girlfriend’s daughter, a Texas man has been charged with murder.

As a result of the charges, the subject has been brought into custody and is currently being held in a Harris County detention center.

According to officials, a Texas man was arrested and accused on Friday of the murder of his girlfriend’s 16-year-old daughter, according to the Associated Press.

She was identified by her family as Lauren Juma, and she was pronounced dead after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds to the head and neck area.

A tweet from Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated that Van Brisbon, age 60, has been charged with murder and has been committed to the county jail. Gonzalez asserted that the city of Brisbon had refused to cooperate with the authorities. At the time of the attack, it was unclear what motivated the gunman.

Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene at 1 a.m. on Friday after receiving information from Juma’s sister that their mother’s boyfriend was keeping the 16-year-old captive in his home.


Lauren’s 19-year-old sister, Keryca Harmon, told KTRK-TV that the incident occurred around 1 a.m. ‘She simply told me that he was acting incredibly strangely and that she needed me to come to pick her up,’ Harmon explained. Then he says, “I’ve done it as well.”