Gestures to Show Love To Women in Your Life

Gestures to Show Love To Women in Your Life

The Women in your life, be it mother, sister, girlfriend, wife do a lot for you in different ways. Your mother nurtures you while your sister is like a friend in need. Your girlfriend or wife is the forever partner that makes your life beautiful. There are not enough words or gestures to thank them. You cannot reciprocate their care, warmth, and affection. However, in your capacity, you can make them feel special. Make them feel revered because they deserve it. Do it by way of gifts and gestures.

Breakfast in bed on Weekends

Breakfast in bed on Weekends: From Monday to Friday, she wakes up earlier than you to prepare you breakfast, lunch and make things in arrangement just for your comfort. Weekends are your opportunity to let her rest more than usual. Wake her up with a breakfast tray and kiss. She will forever remember this gesture. The most important thing is you put off the alarm so that she doesn’t get disturbed.

  • A toast with fresh juice and flower bunch
  • An omelet with tea
  • A hot piping coffee with her favorite sandwiches

Lunch or Dinner Date

It’s not mandatory that you have to plan something elaborate to surprise the woman in your life. It is also no rule that surprises are meant for wife/girlfriend only. You can sweetly surprise your mother and sister as well. When they are busy with work or have their birthdays coming up, plan a surprise! You can plan a lunch date or a dinner date at home or somewhere fancy.

  • At home, cook or order food and assemble the table
  • Take them out for dinner or lunch dates
  • Help them in cooking and have a meal on balcony or terrace

Chit-Chat Session

Simple gestures can leave the biggest impact. Spending time with your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend can make them the happiest. All they need is your time and attention. So, adjust your schedule and make time for them.

  • Have an evening tea with them
  • Go for nature walks
  • Watch shows and movies
  • Read books and share stories
  • Call and keep in touch with them

Weekend Outings

Life can become mundane when you follow the same routine over and over again. The same is true for the ladies in your life. They too get tired of taking care of the house and professional work. Give them a break as well.

  • Plan a weekend getaway with them
  • Make reservations and let them have fun with their friends. These could be the best Mothers Day gifts, Women’s Day gifts, Galentine’s Day gifts.
  • Take adventurous trips

Help With Chores

They won’t say it but they too need someone’s help. Be the helping hand to them. Be there for them when they need it. Do not wait for them to ask you, offer yourself. Notice the signs and take initiative. They surely will love it. We have not doubts

  • Do the dishes
  • Clean and arrange the house
  • Go for grocery shopping with them
  • Serve the guests

Physical Affection

A hug can move mountains. It’s not necessary always to indulge in elaborate gestures. Small acts of love and kindness can go a long way in making someone the happiest. Show physical affection through these gestures

  • Goodmorning and Goodevening greetings
  • Give Hug and Kisses
  • Say I Love You, I Adore You, I Miss You

Listen To Them

Be the understanding son, brother, husband, and boyfriend. Listen to their problems and offer solicited solutions. Be there for them whenever they need you. Protect and guide them as caring and sincere people.

  • Take care of them
  • Protect them from injustice
  • Do not let them suffer alone
  • Be the guiding light

Give Gifts

Show your feelings by way of gifts. Let gifts become the medium of what you feel for them. On celebratory occasions, and otherwise too, send gifts and tokens to bring a cheerful smile.

  • Fresh Flower Bunch
  • Jewelry
  • Cakes and Desserts
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Plants

Keep the women in your life happy because they do a lot for you. Exhibit your affection, love, care, warmth, and kindness through these gestures. Do let us know, which ones worked best for you.