Dataprev Application: How Do I Know My Eligibility for Emergency Aid 2021

Dataprev Application: How Do I Know My Eligibility for Emergency Aid 2021

According to Dataprev, 109 million Emergency Aid applications were submitted and analyzed in 2020. Out of this, only 68 million were approved. If you’re wondering if you’ll be eligible for Emergency Aid 2021, DATAPREV has a website where you can check the status of your application.

The new aid in 2021 will not require a new registration, and the Ministry of Citizenship will release the new round of benefits, which will range from R $ 150 to R $ 375, using data from the Dataprev registration base. The Social Security Technology firm double-checks data on orders before sending those that are approved to Caixa for payment. The limit budget for this year is R $ 44 billion, which will allow 45.6 million people to pay in four installments.

Dataprev informed that the consultation of who was approved to receive the 2021 Aid has been available since April 2nd for this new payment phase. For those enrolled in the Single Registry, informal workers, the unemployed, and individual microentrepreneurs registered through digital platforms, the payment of the first installment of the Assistance began on Tuesday.

Application of Emergency Aid

The federal government opened the deadline for application denied emergency aid after releasing the consultation on the Dataprev portal. Citizens will be able to check whether they were considered eligible or ineligible to receive the new installments of the benefit by going to the Dataprev website. The citizen can apply the denied request by clicking on the “ineligible” button if the result is “application Analysis”

In this first stage, the deadline for contesting emergency aid will be 10 calendar days from the start of the consultation, or until April 12. In some cases, the beneficiary may be approved for the first installment but the benefit will be terminated the following month.

Citizens’ benefits may be blocked if they no longer comply with Aid 2021’s rules. In this case, the challenge can also be carried out via the website or through a court order.

Dataprev Portal for Emergency Assistance

Simply go to the following addresses and make an appointment by entering your CPF number, date of birth, and mother’s name to check the status of your Emergency Aid and see if you will be receiving new installments.

When a citizen logs into the portal, they will be able to see the details of their requests, including the results, dates of receipt and transmission of data from Caixa to Dataprev and vice versa, and the reason for the benefit denial. The website also has the results of the second request’s analysis. The goal of the new tool, according to Dataprev, is “to make the procedure for analysis, processing, approval, and payment of the benefit transparent”

Application Can Be Bade On The Website

Dataprev also revealed that it is possible to apply a denied Emergency Aid request on the website. Brazilians will be able to compete on the Dataprev website if they need to update information in these three cases:

  1. Military civil servant citizen who no longer has the bond;
  2. People who have lost their jobs and are not entitled to unemployment insurance and the Emergency Employment and Income Preservation Benefit (BEm) – (intermittent active employment relationship);
  3. People who were under the age of 18 at the time of the application and have recently completed their age.

The platform for the application of the Aid is the same one that Dataprev used to consult citizens about their requests. By entering basic information such as your CPF, full name, mother’s name, and date of birth into these electronic addresses, you can consult the request for your order. In addition, the system displays the status of the order. You can find the following information on the Dataprev website:

  1. Results of the analysis.
  2. Between the Dataprev and Caixa systems, the date of order receipt and shipment.
  3. The reason for the denial of the benefit.
  4. Status of the second request.
  5. Dispute over a request that was denied.

The request can also be consulted through the Caixa Auxlio Emergencial application and the website, in addition to these new addresses.

The portal was created as an alternative to the app, which has seen a high number of simultaneous accesses since its launch, resulting in some complaints from users who were unable to complete actions due to platform instability and long lines at Caixa’s people agencies. I’m looking for information about your assistance request.