Qwesi Qorang give reasons for his ‘Letter to my MP’ track (READ)

Talented Ghanaian musician, Qwesi Qorang says his track, ‘Letter to my MP’ which has given him much popularity is for the voiceless in various communities who have no one to speak up for them but not to make monies for himself.


According to him, politicians have taken Ghanaians for granted and are playing on our ignorance to vote for them but when they get into office, they do not serve us, as they claim they will.


Sighting an instance that informed his decision to write ‘Letter To My Mp’, he said, one day, he visited a friend and was on his way home. He met an elderly woman carrying a bucket to the riverside to fetch water.


He became worried why an elderly woman will carry a bucket on her head to fetch water so he followed to see where the woman was going to fetch the water. The woman led him to a riverside where animals and human beings use the same water for different purposes. This made him very sad and he decided to send a message to  politicians that they should not take us for a ride.


He believes politicians have taken Ghanaians for fools who they deceive with little monies and goodies during election period and it is time we tell them we are fed up with their politricks and gimmicks.


The musician said he takes his inspiration from Okomfo) Kwade3 and the old A Plus because their songs  preach about social vices.