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Cricket Equipment Essentials That You Should Know Being A Cricket Fan

Have you ever been inspired by any cricket player? Do you closely watch your favorite players’ games and learn the tactics they adopt to win? If yes, you are heading in the right direction as closely observing every player’s performance and game can help you learn several cricket tactics. If you imagine yourself hitting scores like Sachin Tendulkar and Adam Gilchrist, or you wish to be one of the greatest bowlers of all time like Muttiah Muralitharan or Wasim Akram; in that case, you have to work hard and need the right cricket equipment for better learning.

Cricketers need various equipment to play their game properly. The best part is that the game is similar for men and women. So, no matter what your gender is, you can easily shop cricket equipment online at a single store. If you are a beginner, you might not need all cricket equipment altogether. Check out the list below of cricket essentials for beginners.


A cricket bat is the most important piece of equipment. Though buying a perfect bat could be a tough decision as it can be overwhelming to find so many options in front of you. Therefore, you must consider a few things while buying a suitable bat for practicing.

  • Budget: You must set a budget for a bat before searching for cricket bats online. It will make it easy for you to narrow down the possible options and look at the options that fit your price range. Pricing is the ultimate determining factor while purchasing a cricket bat.
  • Shape & Style: Cricket bat manufacturers produce bats with various profiles, scallops, edges, sweet spots, and much more. All these aspects of a bat can vary depending on the shape. For beginners, it could be difficult to determine which bat shape & style is perfect for them; therefore, they can take professional guidance on the same.
  • Weight: Bat weight may also vary, but you don’t want a bat that is too heavy or too light to affect your training. The big bat doesn’t let you hit the ball further, while the light bat may hinder your potential. Therefore, you must focus on the pick-up rather than the bat’s weight.

Apart from the details mentioned above, you must hold the bat and feel the grip. The pitch type on which you have to play should also be the determining factor in your bat selection.


The helmet is a protective gear that every beginner should use during training. It will keep you safe from head injuries, especially when playing handball games. Choosing the right helmet is a task.

  • Material: While choosing a helmet, make sure that the outer material is lightweight yet sturdy at the same time to sustain quick deliveries easily. The inner material of the helmet should be soft and comfortable such that it should affect the concentration during the game.
  • Size: The helmet size may vary from one manufacturer to another. But you can easily find a perfectly fitted helmet. Some manufacturers customize them as per your head measurements.

The headgear makes the game less dangerous for beginners as well as experienced players. It is also ideal for a wicket-keeper standing close to the stump and injured by a fast-approaching ball. You can avoid concussions, facial lacerations, and other injuries by wearing a helmet during cricket training.


Players mostly ignore the importance of batting pads. They always remain excited about buying a cricket bat, but buying a set of batting pads is also an important decision. But before you get them, look out for some key elements that make them perfect for your safety during the game, along with great style.

  • Size: Right size of pads is crucial because if they are too small, you can experience difficulty in walking, and if they are too big, you can experience difficulty in moving freely. Understand your body frame to select the perfect size of batting pads.
  • Design & Material: Batting pads constructed using P.U (polyurethane) and PVC materials are the best. Further protection in these pads is ensured through the mixture of cotton, cane, and other carbon reinforcement. It will help if you choose pads that are comfortable on your body.
  • Budget: A small budget is suitable for beginners and young players as your pads will be more prone to wear and tear during training. For professional-level playing, you should choose good-quality and premium batting pads designed to suit the different needs of the player.

Before buying cricket pads online, you must check product specifications and options available in color or size. Choose the perfect pair based on your comfort and suitability.


A white color uniform is the cricket staple. Choosing Cricket Clothing is important as it gives you both the look and feel of a cricket player. You should choose clothing fabric that absorbs, transmit, and evaporates the sweat quickly so that you remain dry during the whole game. You may find technology-based cricket clothing that is not only antimicrobial but also helps the player stay fresh and odorless for a long time. Moreover, you may find comfort and style in a remarkable cricket clothing range designed to keep modern cricket fit in mind. They have mesh inserted to ensure optimum flow in sweaty areas.


There are many essential types of equipment that you should consider buying, such as cricket gloves, arm guard, thigh guard, bat mallet, base layer, chest guard, gum shield, cap, sunglasses, sun cream, and much more. All these things are essential for both beginners and professional players. Find a suitable cricket equipment store online and shop whatever you want to at cost-effective rates. A good cricket store will put forward several options in bats, gloves, batting pads, cricket kits, and other essentials. They make sure that the player must have multiple options in hand to choose from. Shop today!