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Treatment of gambling addiction with ibogaine

Ibogaine therapy is recognized by doctors as the best way to detoxify and drug the treatment of gambling addiction. The action of the drug is directed to the receptors of the two main neurotransmitters – dopamine and serotonin. These biologically active substances are associated with a feeling of happiness, pleasure and are an indicator of the brain’s response to gambling.

What it is?

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring alkaloid derived from the root of the African iboga plant and has psychedelic (hallucinogenic) properties. The drug affects the destruction of the subconscious causes of addiction and relieves withdrawal symptoms.

What do we know about properties?

The main property of ibogaine is its ability to act as a drug against addictions. The drug increases the level of dopamine and serotonin in the body, a person begins to feel calm, happy, joyful, the receptors responsible for the craving for the game are blocked.

IMPORTANT! Ibogaine is not a drug replacement and is not addictive!

What do we know about action?

Ibogaine therapy for gamers on a physical level has the ability to reboot the brain. Excitement, irresistible desire and a sense of winning drag a person into severe psychological and physical dependence. After each game/win/win, a large dose of “happiness hormones” is produced, which decreases over time and the body requires more. The lack of these substances causes a person to experience physical pain, anxiety, panic attacks.

Ibogaine restores the chemical balance to a natural level and helps restore neurotransmitter function fairly quickly.

Possessing psychoactive properties, ibogaine brings a person into a state of clarity and security, giving the person a real picture of his current state. This state helps to understand the problem, causes and becomes a psychological incentive in the fight against gambling addiction.

How we treat with ibogaine in the Medicomente clinic.

Treatment begins with a free initial consultation and a mandatory comprehensive examination of the state of the body. Analyzes, tests, ultrasound, ECG, examinations by a therapist and specialized doctors (if necessary) are carried out.

A detailed treatment and rehabilitation plan is drawn up.

The stages of treatment are carried out:

  • motivation;
  • detoxification;
  • psychotherapy;
  • aversive therapy;
  • ibogaine therapy;
  • additional therapy (optional).

We consider it important to note that the treatment of gambling addiction with ibogaine is only part of the therapy. And it gives results only in combination with medication and psychotherapeutic courses of therapy.

The stage of treatment of gambling addiction with the help of ibogaine is carried out under the strict supervision of an experienced specialist. The drug has side effects that the patient is familiar with and has no contraindications.

Clinic “Medicomente” guarantees the safe use of ibogaine.

Getting rid of gambling addiction with ibogaine facilitates and speeds up the recovery process.