Can the Mediterranean Diet Stop Alzheimer’s?

One of the toughest diseases to deal with is Alzheimer’s. This disease primarily affects an individual’s memory. Over time, it slowly takes away memories and affects motor skills.

In 2020, nearly sixty million adults were affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Not much is known about the disease, and there is no cure for Alzheimer’s as of yet.

However, emerging research suggests that the Mediterranean diet can reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s. Or, it can help individuals avoid getting it at all.

In this article, we will review the basics of the Mediterranean diet, how it affects brain health, and strategies to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

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What Is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle. The concept originates from countries like Greece and Italy. Individuals in these countries eat fresh, wholesome food.

The diet consists of a basic pyramid plan. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains make up the biggest portion of the pyramid, while red meat and sweets make up the smallest portion. Fish is a healthy choice and the primary meat of choice in a Mediterranean diet.

Poultry is an occasional protein source, but the diet incorporates beans and other legumes as wholesome sources of protein. Healthy unsaturated fats, like olive oils and avocados, are the fats of choice.

The focus of the Mediterranean lifestyle is enjoying good food with good company. Processed foods are generally eliminated, instead, focusing on high-quality ingredients.

How It Affects Brain Health

Unsaturated oils and fish are widely known to have a significant impact on brain health. Studies show that these foods help improve memory retention and brain activity.

Pair those fats and proteins with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and good-for-you grains, and your healthy diet can go a long way in improving brain function.

This is why the Mediterranean diet is promoted as a way to stop Alzheimer’s. But the answer to that question is a bit more complex.

Does It Actually Stop Alzheimer’s?

There is no way to halt Alzheimer’s in its tracks. If an individual receives a diagnosis of the disease, there is no way to reverse it, no medicine to stop it.

In short, a Mediterranean diet is not capable of stopping Alzheimer’s. However, the diet is a way to help avoid an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Rich, unsaturated fats and the presence of omega-3 in fish are both proven to have a positive impact on brain health. Consuming these foods and practicing a healthy lifestyle and diet is one way to significantly reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

How to Eat the Mediterranean Way

Ready to take the step towards a Mediterranean lifestyle?

Focus on fish two or three times a week, paired with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, eggs, seeds, and lentils. There are numerous ways to make vegetarian and vegan meals using a combination of wonderful Mediterranean ingredients.

Eliminate processed foods and cut back on red meat and sweet consumption significantly. Focus on drinking lots of water, with the occasional glass of red wine.

More Info on Mediterranean Diets

The Mediterranean diet is an excellent way to incorporate healthy, delicious foods into your lifestyle. Now that you know the basics of the Mediterranean diet, find out more.

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