Netchex- A Comprehensive Review of Payroll Management Program

Payday is the most exciting day for employees but for employers and HR, it is one big hassle. The question is, how can this load be taken off an employer’s shoulder? If we examine closely, the answer is pretty simple – payroll software solutions.

However, it’s not as simple as that. Finding the right payroll program for a company in terms of its functionality, pricing, and suitability is no less than a challenge. To make things a little easy for you, we have reviewed one of the most popular payroll tools – Netchex

Netchex is a program designed to simplify HR workload including payroll processing and tax deductions. This automated program enhances a company’s management and accountability. Furthermore, Netchex’s interface provides an independent review of the employee profile, an overview of company methods, and benefit management and flexible working hours such as overtime.

Since its launch in the market in 2003, multiple users have passed comprehensive reviews about Netchex programs. Is it worth your time? Is it suitable for your company to reduce workload?

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Netchex can do a lot more than being merely payroll software for accountants. It offers multiple features that include:

Time and Attendance

Netchex has an integrated dashboard, which helps you to monitor your employees’ attendance and keep track of time frames. There are several time-collection choices, including a custom Web-based clock, timesheet entry or ethernet badge, and biometric devices.

Payroll and Tax

Netchex lets you connect with integrated payroll software that offers multiple ways to pay as well as provides automated taxes and reporting to ensure accuracy.

Recruiting and Onboarding

Netchex allows all candidates to be monitored and offers an automated onboarding platform to speed up tasks. Users can search, review, and submit letters to potential applicants, list CVs and summaries and conduct background checks on candidates.

Reporting and Analytics

The dashboard of Netchex also includes the ability to generate customized reports with its report builder and a great number of analytical customizations. These changes include tailored sectors, models, and export possibilities.

Easy and Straight Forward Administration

Based on their results, you may determine which employees can obtain administrative advantages from the organization.

HR Solution

It is made easier to monitor each employee’s output and working hours. This enables users to intelligently control HR activity.

Special Features of Netchex

Netchex offers a self-government forum to its customers. This means the duties of HR managers are minimized by being able to monitor their own profiles. You can see your information according to PTO criteria, including retention of charges, rights, history, and performance surveys.

The biggest factor, however, is Netchex’s excellent customer service staff, who are within its own range. You track your customers through a customer-based profiling system that answers their needs. The result is a personalized service tailored to the individual customer’s needs.

Why Choose Netchex?

Netchex enables thousands of enterprises to work more effectively. To learn their company within and outside, a dedicated support team will be assigned to each Netchex customer. Netchex is easy to learn and enjoy, but versatile enough to manage various operations of your company effectively.


Many other payroll software solutions enable business owners to contact industry experts, however, there is no such feature in Netchex. Furthermore, no tracking system is established to assess employee development plans or warnings, and it is impossible to combine individual performance variables for each employee in the system.

Other than that, there’s no upfront pricing described on the website. If you want to know about the pricing plans of Netchex, you will have to contact the customer center. This can take some time before you are provided with the required information.

Final Remarks

In summary, based on the above considerations, it is safe to conclude that getting Netchex will prove a wise step in improving the efficiency of your business’s operations, particularly, payroll management. Of course, there are a couple of drawbacks, but no payroll software for accountants is perfect. But when it comes to Netchex, it is better than a lot of other options available online.