Can shoes cause backpain?

There could be a number of reasons behind your backpain, but indeed, wearing a wrong shoes is one of them for sure. If you are thinking how my shoes is linking with backpain. So, lets clear it. According to shoesblast, when your shoes are not according to the support your feet need then the result can be surely, backpain!

The medical reason behind wrong shoe and a backpain is your (sciatic nerve). It is the longest single nerve in human body. It starts from spinal cord till your foot. If you wear wrong shoes “Shoes that are not meant for your feet”. Each time you take a step or go for run, this nerve got disturb which results in backpain.

Many experts attribute this type of discomfort to a number of other factors ranging from improper arch support, pronation problems or poor blood flow due to tight socks or pantyhose.

These causes generally inter-relate with one another in a sort of domino effect resulting in constant minor aches and pains as well as acute episodes when we are unprepared for physical activity.

How shoes can be a factor of backpain?

If It does seem logical that shoes are the most likely culprit because they were made specifically for our feet, right? Not necessarily.

The foot is actually a very complex structure made up of 26 bones which are connected to the 32 joints in each ankle, 14 joints in each mid-foot area and 5 big toes with 2 metatarsal joints on each side of them.

Add to this the muscles, tendons and ligaments that help us stand upright and support us while we walk – around 200 unique musculoskeletal parts – it becomes pretty clear how damaging wearing the wrong shoe can be for your back!

What’s more, many people wear the same pair of shoes all day long to save time and money on multiple pairs but this is a big mistake. If you are at work all day, you must change your shoes at least once during the day because the strain of standing for 8 hours in one pair can also cause back pain!

The important thing to remember is that it’s not the shoe’s fault but rather how they fit with your foot as well as other factors such as improper arch support and pronation. Shoes should be comfortable when you first try them on and that means going barefoot with thick socks or pantyhose until you find out which shoes will really make long-term sense for comfort without the risk of future back pain.

What are the best shoes for backpain?

For people who suffer from chronic lower back pain, they look for orthopedic shoes for backpain. This type of shoes has proper cushion and shock absorbers, also, with good arch support. They are good with heel strike.

A proper orthotic shoe insert which will not only create additional comfort but also help to correct the problem so that they can walk normally again.

So, now you know why shoes are responsible for back pain and how to fix it. If your shoes are too tight or stiff, they may cause discomfort in your feet which will inevitably lead to lower leg and back pain. In addition, if your stomach is bloated try doing some light exercise to work up an appetite and a weight loss plan before making any changes to what you eat – this really helps!

The good news is that many of these conditions are caused by simple problems like wearing the wrong shoes or standing too  long in one pair can exacerbate the problem and should be avoided.. If you already have back problems,, it a good idea to take a look at best shoes for back pain and see the expert advice about what types of shoes will work for you and how they should be changed during the day..