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5 Telltale Signs That Are Urging You to Get a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Did you know that wisdom teeth can erupt at different ages? Some people have their wisdom teeth emerge in their teen years, while others don’t experience this until they are in their late twenties.

Even more surprising is the fact that at least five percent of the population doesn’t have wisdom teeth at all. But, of course, a simple x-ray can reveal whether you have wisdom teeth and their position under your gums.

Yet, simply having wisdom teeth doesn’t mean that you will need to have them extracted. However, sometimes, complications make wisdom tooth extraction necessary.

Are you experiencing discomfort in your mouth? If so, it may be due to your wisdom teeth! So, keep reading to learn five signs you need wisdom tooth removal!

1. Pain in Back of the Mouth

A common symptom of wisdom tooth impactions is having pain in the back of your mouth. It may come and go or remain all the time.

But, it won’t go away on its own, so avoid popping painkillers, and schedule an appointment with your dentist so they can get to the root of the problem!

2. Swollen or Bleeding Gums

When your wisdom teeth erupt (grow in), they can cause a pocket of gum tissue to form on the surface. And, if bacteria and food particles are trapped, you could get an infection. As a result, you may have swollen or bleeding gums.

Nevertheless, if the gums in the back of your mouth bleed when you brush your teeth, it may be because your wisdom teeth are coming up.

3. Bad Breath

Another sign that a wisdom tooth is erupting and even infected is bad breath. So, if you are having pain in the back of your mouth and notice a foul taste or bad breath, you should visit the dentist to see if you need a wisdom tooth removed.

4. Headaches or Earaches

Complications with your wisdom teeth can also affect other areas, even causing headaches and earaches. This often occurs because your wisdom teeth are coming up through the jawbone, which leads to radiating pain in other parts of your face.

While this may not always merit wisdom teeth extraction, you’ll need to visit your dentist to be sure.

5. Difficulty Eating

Just as impacted wisdom teeth can lead to infection and pain, they can also make it difficult for you to eat. For example, you may have sensitivity to hot or cold foods. Even worse, you may not be able to open your mouth fully.

Of course, any time oral pain prevents you from eating, consult a dentist to discover what’s causing your discomfort.

Do You Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

If you have any of these symptoms and suspect that you may need a wisdom tooth extraction, don’t delay any longer. Instead, schedule an appointment with the best dental office in your area so you can start feeling relief!

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