Shipping a car to Togo from the United States

Shipping a car to Togo from the United States

Togo is a country in West Africa with tropical weather and a civilisation that is mostly reliant on agriculture for its livelihood. There’s a lot to see, but public transit is limited. It’s a good idea to have a personal car shipped to the country if you’re planning on remaining for a lengthy period of time or perhaps permanently.

hipping a car to any location in Africa is, however, a challenging task, unlike shipping a car from the US to Canada. Prior to the vehicle’s importation, there are a number of things that must be completed. While certain rules and laws may be confusing to Americans, they must be handled.

If you are planning to ship cars or equipment to Lome, Togo, We will help you with leading specialists in international vehicle and equipment shipping companies, and we will provide a cost-effective and expedient international car shipping service to Lome, Togo from the United States of America.

Keep in Mind Before Shipping Your Car to West Africa

It is essential to be there on the day of the vehicle’s arrival in West Africa, whether the vehicle was carried in a container or through the RO/RO shipping method, in order to facilitate your relocation to Togo. Ensure the correct delivery method is chosen and all paperwork is obtained.

In the United States, there are just a few ports available for shipping cars to west africa, and there is only one port in west Africa. Transport to the appropriate ports will be required. The whole procedure should be handled with caution. Find help and remain organised. Prepare all documentation for Customs.

Documents Required To Ship A Car To Togo

Second-hand, race-car, antique, or inherited vehicles must adhere to particular regulations, or a permit may not be provided. Obtaining evidence of ownership is part of this.

  • Obtain a letter of authorisation from the SABS.
  • Fill out an IE462.
  • Show passport proof.
  • A person must be able to authenticate employment and, if relevant, tenure.
  • A copy of the vehicle’s registration is required.
  • Proof of Togo residence is required.
  • If going to Togo to study, the evidence must be presented.
  • Non-sale certificate
  • Lading bill

The required paperwork is significant, but it may be obtained with caution. Because customs laws are liable to change at any moment, it is vital to check in with Customs to ensure that the rules and regulations have not been amended.

Shipping of large and heavy equipment to Togo

Why not use an international moving company to assist with your move? We have the knowledge, training, and access to the latest transport equipment and technology to ship any sort of heavy equipment overseas. We consider any cargo that cannot fit inside a 40ft shipping container to be large unless its weight considerably exceeds its dimensions.

We will not only ensure the safe transportation of your goods to Togo but also that it is legitimately imported into the country to avoid any delays. This is likely the most complex and challenging component of the whole international shipping procedure, particularly for individuals inexperienced with import restrictions. Everything will go according to plan with the support of our professionals.

International shipping methods at reasonable prices

Exporting heavy equipment to other countries is possible via a number of different methods. It’s possible that you won’t have access to all of these choices, especially if you need to carry large or heavy equipment. Here are all the services we provide to transport equipment internationally.


This option is available for delivering inoperable cars or crated heavy equipment to Togo. A crane lifts the cargo onto the ship and later pulls it off the ship.

Roll-on, roll-off (RORO)

This is the most popular and least expensive international transit option. This service is only available to people who have working vehicles and heavy machinery since the goods must be moved on and off the ship via a ramp.

Flat Rack

Your cargo is fastened to a metal frame before being loaded into the ship. Since flat racks are normally the last to be loaded, your equipment may be shrouded in shrink wrap to protect it from the extremes.

Shipping a car to Togo from the United States

Container Transport

Due to the fact that most heavy equipment and big items would not fit inside a 40ft container, this service is not available to everyone. Because your product is protected by four walls and a roof, this type of transportation offers the highest level of protection compared to the other shipping options available.


Moving a vehicle to another country can be an extremely long and complex process. However, it’s not impossible! The first step is to find and contact a specialized international car shipping company that will make the shipping process less intimidating so you can enjoy your car when it arrives in Lome, Togo!