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A Complete Guide to Pediatric Dentistry

Did you know that cavities are one of the most common and chronic diseases in kids? Try to encourage good oral health habits. If you want to learn about why you should find a pediatric dentist, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over pediatric dentistry. You’ll learn more about the connection between children’s health and dentist visits.

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What Training Do Pediatric Dentists Undergo?

Pediatric dentists will first finish four years of dental school. Then, they finish two more years of dentistry training for teens, infants, and children.

They will learn more about working with kids.

Treatments From Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric dentists offer oral health exams for kids and infants. They also conduct a risk assessment for caries in the child and mother.

Dentists will provide preventative dental care like fluoride treatments and cleaning. Diet and nutrition recommendations will also get supplied by the dentist.

The dentist will also provide habit counseling like thumb sucking and pacifier use. You can get early treatment for straightening teeth or fixing an improper bite.

A pediatric dentist will help manage gum diseases and conditions like pediatric periodontal disease.

Where Can You Find a Pediatric Dentist?

You can connect with a pediatric dentist at many different places.

You might be able to find one at a private practice or a medical center. The pediatrician will help you find a local pediatric dentist near where you live.

Pediatric dentists will provide the best care for kids. Children won’t have the same experience at a dental office.

Kids have a hard time staying cooperative and patient during a dental exam or visit. Pediatric dentists will understand how to examine and provide treatment for the children.

The dentist will know how to make kids feel comfortable. Pediatric dentists will use specific equipment and decor to help kids feel at ease.

What Are the Benefits of Picking a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists will focus on preventing or treating tooth decay and oral diseases. They educate parents on how to treat kids and encourage good oral habits.

A pediatric dentist explains procedures to kids in a way that they will understand. They will build trust with the patients.

First, they praise patients with good behavior like following directions or sitting still. They will also use a method called tell-show-do. The pediatric dentist will explain the treatment in a way that the child will understand.

The dentist will show the child the treatment in a simple way before beginning the procedure.

The pediatric dentist will use a soothing tone when speaking to the patients. They can help demystify the appointment and help the child feel comfortable and safe.

How Old Are the Patients?

Pediatric dentists will treat kids from birth to college. If a young patient needs dental treatment, the dentist has unique qualifications to provide care.

Pediatric dentists will see patients that have special needs past 18 years of age. The dentist will understand the patient’s treatments, procedure needs, and dental history.

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Why Pick a Pediatric Dentist?

General dentists receive training from pediatric specialists while attending dental school.

Some general dentists will have the experience and comfort level to treat young kids. Yet, not all general dentists will feel comfortable treating a young kid.

Pediatric dentists will perform dental procedures like a general dentist. Yet, they will be able to handle different behavioral problems.

Kids often respond to dental appointments in a different manner compared to adults.

A child might feel fearful or anxious in a new environment. The anxiety can end up being severe if the patient needs extensive treatment.

If a child has disabilities and needs treatment, the pediatric dentist can provide sedation.

Importance of Oral Health

Pediatric dentistry highlights the importance of oral health in young children. Oral hygiene’s a critical part of the overall health of a child.

If you neglect your oral health, your body and mental health will suffer. Also, poor oral hygiene can also affect how your body gets nutrients.

A pediatric dentist won’t ignore potential teeth issues or diseases. When you notice your baby’s first tooth, you should bring them to a pediatric dentist. If your baby’s that are starting to grow, you should feed them with very soft food like these puffs from Serenity Kids to prevent further issues.

Importance of Baby Teeth

Your child will need to have healthy teeth in order to develop normal speech patterns. Also, strong teeth will help your child eat food properly.

Healthy teeth will also help a child feel more confident when they smile. Try to teach your child about the importance of oral hygiene.

Baby teeth will fall out, but you should still encourage your child to develop good oral habits. If a baby tooth ends up falling out because of poor hygiene, it can impact the adult teeth.

Sometimes, baby teeth won’t out, meaning there’s a serious problem. Try to avoid oral health problems. Make sure you take care of your child’s teeth and encourage good habits.

Find the Right Dentist

Ask your pediatrician for a recommendation. Look online at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry search tool. Pick a pediatric dentist that finished a two-year program.  If you need a recommendation, check out this reputable Dentist in Medford.

Understanding the Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

We hope this guide on pediatric dentists was helpful. Consider finding a pediatric dentist for your children. These dentists get specialized training and know-how to help kids feel at ease.

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