4 Stunning Ideas For Decorating A Summer house

4 Stunning Ideas For Decorating Summer houses

Summer houses are the perfect place to sit down, relax and enjoy some of your favorite activities and pastimes. Decorating it to show your personality and style is the way to create an extra special room in which you want to spend all your free time.

If you’re looking for a country cottage feel, a beach-inspired retreat, or an up-to-the-minute zen-den escape, we’ve got a lot of ideas and inspiration to support you along the way. Here are the top 10 of us.

Beach Hut

Think nautical, and bring home a slice of the beach with a beach-themed shack. A palette of colors that includes subtle shades of blue, white, and green can create a comfortable mood that is as easy to carry over to the upholstery you use.

Choose fabrics with theme designs on the seaside. Then apply vibrant color splashes such as ruby red and pink to your cushion covers, throws, or tablecloths. Why don’t you get very adventurous and use the shells you’ve found on the beach, the strings of white fairy lights, and even the model boats?

Beach Hut

Woodland Retreat

Nature enthusiasts will love this idea for a retreat in the woods. Keep the exterior of your summer house natural with a plain wooden stain rather than a paint block. Vibrant touches of texture and contrasting textures are produced with the addition of hanging baskets to the outside.

Choose earthy shades of moss green or brown for your inner fabrics and think about using pieces that include woodland animals, such as hedgehogs or foxes to complement. Sheer curtains are perfect for a retreat in the woods, shielding you from the heat of the mid-day sun and creating a relaxed, diluted light.

Vintage chic

If you have a country garden, consider a vintage-style summer house to enhance it. The shabby chic look is feasible to obtain and uses soft color schemes which include shades of cream, light pink, and pastel green. Perfect for a cool, relaxed look. Paint the exterior in one of these colors and use a different shade in the interior.

Pale-colored accessories, such as vintage milk jugs or antique vases, will look perfect, filled with fresh flowers from the garden, adding color and depth. Styling a retro-style summerhouse also means you have a perfect excuse to spend time selling a car boot or a second-hand store searching for the finest pieces of furniture.

Vintage chic

Blue Paradise

Build a refuge of calm with a summerhouse centered on a blue color scheme. Noted for its calming properties, the use of different shades of blue gives every summerhouse an aura of tranquility. On the outside, opt for a light blue wash, then offset it by painting the door trims in white or cream.

Keep the decor bright with white paint inside, and use blue accessories in pale shades to add appeal. Furniture with blue checked cushions or Breton striped throws over a garden bench and a matching chair. A brightly colored vase with new or fake flowers adds depth and breaks the pattern beautifully.