A 3-month-old baby was allegedly abducted while the grandmother unloaded groceries in California.

One of Brandon Cuellar’s San Jose condominium neighbors, a man with a baby carrier, was recorded on camera exiting the building. Cuellar’s family had no idea who the man was.

An unidentified man can be seen in a video released on Monday carrying a 3-month-old boy in a baby carrier down a street in Northern California after allegedly stealing the youngster from his family’s apartment, authorities said.

Deputy Chief Christian Camarillo of the San Jose Police Department informed reporters that the man entered the home north of downtown San Jose just after 1 p.m. and escaped with Brandon Cuellar, according to a representative for the department.

By Camarillo, the infant was being cared for by the boy’s grandmother while the boy’s mother was absent from home. After his grandmother returned from a trip to the grocery store, Brandon was carried into the flat, according to Camarillo, who described the situation as follows:


According to Camarillo, the mother went around two minutes away from the infant to retrieve items from the car.

After a few minutes, a stranger entered Camarillo’s apartment and left with the toddler, he explained to the authorities.

“Today, someone has a 3-month-old baby that they didn’t have yesterday,” he explained, adding, “And tomorrow, someone has a 3-month-old kid that they didn’t have yesterday.”

Investigators identified a baby carrier with a white blanket over it as belonging to the man, who was not recognized by the boy’s relatives based on security footage.