Tips To Choose The Best Gadgets From Shopping Festivals

My Holiday Shopping List

Like most people, I tend to wait until the last minute to do my holiday shopping. The problem with waiting, though, is that it causes a lot of unnecessary stress, and the presents are usually so expensive by then that buying them is hardly even worth it. And how could I forget to mention the yearly Black Friday Armageddon at every mall and commercial store in the country?

So, this year, I’m going to get my shopping done early, and sit back and relax while everyone else is scrambling for gifts. It’ll feel so good to get ahead of the holiday game!

A New Bass Guitar for My Son

My son loves funk music, and there is no funkier instrument around than the bass guitar. What’s great, too, is that the bass might inspire him to dive into other genres of music, like jazz, or to try his hand at writing original music!

I’m also going to buy him all of the necessary accompaniments: a tuner, a practice book, an amplifier, and a hard case for easy transportation. I know that he’ll be floored when he sees the bass—it has an unmistakable mystique and is widely considered to be one of the most important band instruments. I can’t wait for him to deepen his love for all things music; maybe he’ll even start his own group!

The Newest Gaming Console for My Husband

The PlayStation 5’s initial release was chaotic—people kept buying and reselling them in bulk for super high prices. Recently, though, the console’s price and availability have stabilized, so I’m going to get my foot in the door early and buy one for this coming Christmas. I’m also going to purchase a few extra controllers to make it a family gift!

I’ve been looking into VR headsets, too, but won’t make any promises—they’re hard to come by these days, not to mention extremely expensive!

A Handmade Sweater for My Grandmother

My grandmother has always loved to knit and introduced me to it when I was young. Since then, I’ve knitted her countless clothes for the holidays. This year is going to be particularly interesting, as I’ve decided to make her four sweaters, each matching one of the seasons!

Gifts like these come from the heart, so I know that she will appreciate them. It’s not every day, after all, that someone works so hard to make you gorgeous handmade presents!

There are a lot of ugly Christmas sweaters out there, so I’m making sure that mine don’t include corny patterns—instead, they’ll be stylishly, elegantly embroidered. The process will take time, but it’s the least I can do to thank my grandmother for teaching me how to be self-sufficient.

Treating Myself

Christmas is as much a time to give back as it is to treat yourself. Personally speaking, I’ve prioritized other people’s needs come the holidays, but this year, I want to pamper myself with a facelift. My face has started to sag, droop, and wrinkle, and I just can’t accept the way it has come to look!

There’s nothing wrong with getting older, but there are so many easy ways to look younger, and it’s hard to resist them, especially because there are psychological perks to looking beautiful, whether they be elation, confidence, or the ability to maintain eye contact.

I can’t wait to put my best face forward this holiday season!