8 Tips for Hiring an Accident and Injury Lawyer

In the United States, roughly 95% of personal injury cases are settled outside the courtroom. This means the injury attorney has stepped up, done their job, and worked hard for their client.

Most accident and injury cases need legal help to get off the ground and help the wronged party seek the justice they deserve. Hiring a lawyer is always the first step after an injury.

Read on below to learn eight tips to help you hire an accident or injury attorney to help you with the legal battle ahead.

1. Know Your Attorney’s Reputation

When seeking legal advice choosing a reputable attorney is crucial. Before you step into their office, take the time to do a thorough search online. Visiting their practice’s website, studying their previous cases, and learning about the members of the staff is a great starting point when choosing an injury attorney.

The team at Barfoot and Schoettker Attorneys is a great example of a firm with a solid reputation. Scheduling a free consultation with this team will provide you expertise from a highly reputable team with excellent ratings.

2. Experience is Key in Accident and Injury Cases

An accident attorney may have a good reputation but do they have the experience needed to take on your case?

A firm with a high level of experience will know how to handle your case in both a professional and timely manner. This will offer you peace of mind during the legal process while you wait for your turn at justice.

3. Choose a Firm with Courtroom History

Many accident and injury attorneys have never seen the inside of the courtroom. This is due to the high number of cases settled before a court appearance. When choosing your attorney, a strong history in the courtroom will be beneficial to you.

If your case happens to be one of the few that doesn’t settle, you’ll find yourself needing to appear before a judge. With an injury lawyer at your side who knows the ins and outs of the courtroom, your case will stand a better chance of getting the results you hope for.

4. Check the Firm’s Reviews Online

Former clients of most firms will post reviews online. These reviews are an excellent tool for helping you choose the right attorney for your case. Whether they won their case or lost, former clients will share their experiences with others in hopes of assisting those in the same situation as they once were.

5. Is Your Lawyer Respected in the Community?

An auto injury lawyer who is well respected in their community is often the best attorney to have at your side when dealing with accident and injury cases. Giving back to the community and standing up for those around them makes a law firm a great choice for being your spokesperson.

6. Understand a Firm’s Fees Beforehand

In most situations, a law firm will offer legal help with the understanding that payment comes after the verdict. Before you agree to a firm’s fees, read everything and ask questions. You should completely understand a firm’s fees before you hire them to represent you.

7. A Good Track Record is Important

If you’ve been injured and are hiring an attorney, know their track record before you sign up. A law team with a good winning track record is ideal for injured individuals who are hoping to receive compensation for what they’ve been through.

8. Does Your Lawyer Have the Resources for Your Case?

According to your personal situation, your case may require a lot of resources. Private investigators, legal assistants, and even office managers are needed for larger cases. Ask ahead of time if your legal counsel is equipped to handle your case properly.

If you need an accident and injury attorney seeking out a trusted firm¬†will help you on your way to finding the justice you’ve been hoping for.

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