How to Improve Your Commute to Work and Start the Day Right

For a lot of people over the past two years, the morning commute has involved walking to the coffee maker in your PJs. While many people are keeping the work-from-home schedules they started during the pandemic, some are returning to the office.

If you are once again dealing with a commute, you might be dreading getting into your car each morning. It is easy to look at a commute as time wasted. Hours of your life each month are spent sitting in a car, staring down long lines of traffic.

But with a few adjustments, your commute to work can be an invaluable part of your day!

Here are our tips for starting your day right with a new kind of commute.

Learn Something New

This is an option that works for all kinds of commutes. Whether you walk, ride your bike, drive, or take public transportation, you can learn something new on your commute.

If you drive or ride a bike, pick out an audiobook or a new podcast you want to listen to. You can listen to it a little bit each morning, and learn about a new topic you might not have taken the time to research otherwise.

Learning something new is one of the easiest tips for commuting to work by car!

A More Active Commute to Work

If your workplace is close enough to your home, consider walking or biking to work a couple of times a week! You will need to budget a bit more time for your morning commute, but there are so many benefits to a more active commute to work.

Doctors recommend at least thirty minutes of daily physical activity–a walk or bike ride could help you reach that goal. Regular exercise can help improve your cardiovascular health, and the extra time in the sun can help if you are suffering from depression or seasonal depression.

Catch Up With a Friend

If you take public transportation, strike up a conversation with someone that takes the same route. If you walk, catch up with the people who work at the coffee shop you stop in each morning. If you are in your car, give your mom a call and see how she is doing!

It can be easy to blame our busy schedules for our lack of social interaction. But if you have this time in the morning for your commute, you can use that time to connect with other people and build deeper connections with your loved ones.

Multi-Task With Public Transportation

If you live in an area with a reliable bus or train system, then you can try using public transportation instead of a car.

Riding public transportation to work allows you to make the most of your morning. You can use the time to prep for a morning meeting. You can read a book, draw, or write. You can close your eyes for a few minutes and use some calming breathing techniques.

Along with all of these benefits, you are also helping to cut back on the number of cars on the road. This can help reduce traffic and lower damaging emissions. Fewer cars can also help to reduce the risk of car crashes (click here to learn what to expect in a car accident).

How Do You Improve Your Commute to Work?

Whether you are working on an adult coloring book on a bus or listening to a true-crime podcast in your car, there are so many ways you can improve your commute to work.

Improving your commute, and establishing a more positive morning routine, can help improve your general wellness and mood!

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