Black Stretch limousine waiting for guests to arrive

How Do I Choose the Best Limo Rental Company in My Local Area?

You need a limo. Whether it’s for your daughter’s wedding, that special event with friends, or executive-class business service, you want to choose the best limo rental company in your local area.

Start with the fact that new limousines aren’t cheap. A new Mercedes Sprinter limousine van is close to $200,000 and a late model Lincoln is just under $100,000. So what? That means smaller, struggling companies often have fleets made up of high mileage, older cars.

Bottom line? Not all limousine companies are created equal and remember, you want the best. You want a reputable company with a fleet of newer vehicles in a range of limo styles for different types of events.

How do you find the best limo company in your area? Let’s take a look at some questions to ask.

Do You use Your Own Limousines?

There are more and more online companies that act as middlemen between customers and limo owners. And of course, they tack a commission onto the fee, pushing the cost to you up.

Tell Me About Your Fleet?

You’ll want to know how many and what kinds of limos they rent, but you should also ask how old they are. In the limo business the best operators have larger fleets, use newer vehicles and sell off the older ones – to smaller limo companies.

Ask if they schedule regular maintenance. Do they employ the mechanics? It’s a fact of life that a lot of smaller limo companies defer regular maintenance or farm it out.

How do You Assure My Safety?

The best companies will do background screening and reference checks for their drivers. They’ll also have a periodic drug-testing program in place and professionally trained drivers.

Ask if they adhere to state and federal (DOT) guidelines. Do they carry commercial liability and collision insurance? What insurance coverage do they have for their passengers?

How Long Have You Been in Business?

More established companies bring the experience needed to give the first-class service you expect. Over the years, they’ve learned to pay attention to every detail, and have the references to prove it.

What Services are Available?

A larger, established company, like will have a larger variety of vehicles suited to different types of events. There’s a vast difference between the vehicles required for a prom or wedding and what’s required for executive airport service.

A limo company’s size and experience also add to its ability to handle the  various details involved when servicing different client needs.

Prom customers require a different service from executives going to a meeting. A more experienced company will handle both with equal professionalism.

Let’s Talk Prices

You’ll want to ask what they charge for the service you need and then compare that with the competition. Is their pricing transparent?

Do they offer refunds for cancellations? Are driver tips included?

Limo Rental Company: Make the Call

Deciding which is the best limo rental company in your area boils down to the size and state of their fleet, the company’s experience, and their drivers’ qualifications. Now you know what to look for, call for the best!

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