7 things to do before your moving company arrives

7 things to do before your moving company arrives

Shifting to a new place requires a lot of planning and preparation, even days before the actual event. Your responsibility does not get over after hiring a moving company. We all hoped things were that simple. No matter how professional or good the moving companies are, you still need to take action before they arrive. To start your moving out process with the right foot, make sure you have prepared enough for the movers to come ahead of time. Do not wait until the last minute to miss important things like cash for tipping or the crate for your pets. It might seem too much to remember so many factors at once, but we have listed a few crucial things you might need to prepare for movers to work smoothly.

  1. Sort out your belongings and decide their fate

It is stupid for anybody who assumes that everything in your home will make it to the new house. It is advised to raid your own house, keep your things in one place and sort out between the unnecessary and needed items in different boxes. You have to inform the movers about the particular box which should not be moved to the new place. You can throw away damaged and worn-out items or make a donation pile for items in good condition. This sorting out can help the movers to speed up the whole process.

  1. Pack your items properly

It’s vital to pack your items before your movers arrive. If packing service is not included in the moving, doing it yourself brings down the expenses considerably. First, you need to make sure that you have the right boxes and all the supplies in one place. You need to sort your items into different packages. For example, arrange all your sturdy things into other containers and label them appropriately. If you have items that break easily, you need to wrap them with foam pouches and bubble wraps for extra security. After wrapping the items up and placing them in different boxes, you have to label them appropriately. The better you pack your items, the fewer chances of movers accidentally breaking anything. These little details on filling and handing it over are usually available on the moving company websites. For example, Seattle moving services have detailed information on the prep work before movers arrive.

  1. Let the movers know where to park

Fixing a spot for the movers to park is probably the most ignored or overlooked step, which is pretty essential. If you haven’t already decided where to let them park the moving truck, you should consult the movers on your big day to avoid confusion. If you do not have any personal driveway, you need to secure a parking pass for street parking or get special permission for parking in a shared driveway.

  1. Take pictures of all your items and inventory beforehand.

It is hardly an issue to take some pictures of your items before. Many of us prefer to do this because it helps you keep track of the things to determine if your items are missing or the moving company lost them. Taking some pictures of your items pre-moving will help you figure out if your products got damaged on the move or not.

  1. Hire a babysitter

This may seem completely irrelevant, but packing items in boxes is not enough for the big day. It would be for the best if you were mentally prepared for any mishaps that could happen. On top of that, if you have a kid in the family, it might be difficult for you to manage everything and also take care of your kids. It is highly recommended to entrust your kids to a trusted babysitter, daycare, family members, or friends. Not only will it avoid commotion on your moving day, but it will maintain your child’s daily feeding and sleep schedule without any exceptions.

  1. Plan for your pets

Don’t leave your pets behind. If you have wagging tails running around in your house and you are worried about how to take care of them on your moving day- you’re not alone! Some even claim that taking care of your kids is more manageable than keeping an eye on your pet. You have to remember that movers should move freely to ensure a smooth workflow. The main door would be wide open when they load and unload the trucks. On your moving day, the last thing you want is to lose your dog. That is why it is essential to leash your pet and restrict them in one area. Please put them in a comfortable crate where they feel safe. Not only will this not let your furball escape, but you do not have to constantly keep an eye on your pet and focus on the moving process.

  1. Keep cash for tipping.

It is not a mandatory step to tip your movers. But if your movers do an excellent job in the process, tipping is a pretty great way of showing appreciation. Because they carefully loaded the truck with your items, did not damage or lose your boxes, and successfully made it to your new home should be appreciated. Keep some cash on hand before the movers arrive. While tipping varies from one person to another, some tip movers with 5% of the total bill or a reasonable flat fee.


Moving out is pretty confusing for any individual. Everybody gets worn out at some point because there are endless responsibilities. Hiring a moving company makes the process a little easier. But it would be best if you prepared well before the day arrives to avoid any confusion, which will ultimately make it more convenient for both you and the movers. If anybody goes online to know about the pre-moving guidelines, they are bound to be confused. The moving company often has a few guidelines they would like you to follow before the moving process. It would be even better to discuss and inquire about the basic instructions openly.