Everything You Need To Know About an Employment Agency North York

Everything You Need To Know About an Employment Agency North York

An employment agency North York plays a crucial role in matching employers with employees. They act as the middlemen between employees and employers. The agencies save both parties time because companies don’t spend extra hours reading applications, and job seekers know where to get jobs faster.

There are many staffing agencies and that makes it hard to choose a particular one. However, a hiring company should consider the years of experience, their recruiting process, and the employees they have recruited in the past years when choosing. Besides that, let’s look at what job agencies North York do.

1. Staffing Agency Explained

They are also called employment or recruitment agencies. The job agencies North York connect job seekers with employers. When a company has a vacancy, they approach a recruiting agency with their requirements such as employee qualifications, the type of vacancy they have, and the number of employees they need.

This information helps the staffing agency to make a job description and advertise the position. Interested and qualified job seekers will then apply. The staffing agency does all the recruiting process, from the start to the end.

2. Staffing Agency’s Recruiting Process

Recruiting an employee is a process that takes several steps and begins with the company contacting the agency.

a. Company-Agency Contact

The company meets the agency, and they present their requirements. The agency then makes a job advert specifying;

  • What the position entails and the role of the employee
  • The requirements of the employee
  • Expected salary
  • Any extra information the employee should know

The agency uses various platforms for advertising. This can be social media, national television channels, or the use of stickers.

b. Application

Once the information reaches the public, they start sending their applications to the agency. The recruiting agency specifies where the applications should be sent in the advert, so the employees use this.

Some applicants also meet the job agencies North York to see if they are qualified for the position. The agency ensures the applicants know how the recruitment process is going by sending them feedback. Those that were not eligible for interviews are also guided on how to improve their CVs.

c. Applicant Interviews

The recruiters go through the applications and screen the candidates. They categorize after each screening and go through the applications again until the number is minimal. The recruiters then introduce the selected candidates to the employers who interview them again.

d. Signing The Contract And Payment Arrangement

Once the hiring company has hired an employee of their choice, the recruiters are left to do the paperwork. They are also the ones that will pay the employees, but the salary comes from the hiring company. The employers are paid by the recruiting company until they become permanently employed by the company.

Staffing agencies do not charge the job seekers a fee for connecting them with jobs. The recruiting companies pay them. The agency deducts some amount from the employee’s salary as compensation, which affects the employee’s earnings.

3. Tips To Finding A Good Employment Agency North York To Work With

a. Contact An Agency Of Your Preferred Industry

Some agencies specialize in particular niches, so you can get one that deals with jobs in your area of expertise. These recruiters will also advise you better on how to improve your skills. They also have more connections to positions that suit you than the general agencies job agencies North York.

b. Be Professional

Some people tend to be casual with recruiters because they are not the hiring companies. Interact with these recruiters like you would interact with the company because this paints a good picture. An excellent first impression increases your chances of getting the job. Remember that these recruitment companies are working on behalf of the client companies and sometimes they might be the final stage you have to pass to get the job.

c. Know what You Want

Deciding on your interests will give you an easier time when deciding whether to take a job or not. Be clear on the type of employment agency North York you want. This could be a temporary or permanent position. If you want a temporary position and are offered a permanent one, you have a right to say no.