5 ways technology can help us dress  

5 ways technology can help us dress  

The worlds of technology and fashion are both constantly changing and evolving. They’re also developing hand in hand to create new and innovative ways to shop online or virtually. Shopping for clothes and accessories is no longer an abstract activity, thanks to the modern-day technology available now it’s become realistic, engaging, and for many a very enjoyable process.

Many eyewear brands have recently introduced new ways to pick the right style of frames and glasses for their customers. For example, most of us know that there are certain styles that suit different face shapes but it’s not always easy to tell if a particular pair is going to look good on you unless you try them on. You can find apps and online tutorials to help you and you can even take a selfie to see how your new glasses would look. If this sounds like fun to you, you can also save money on your purchases through this Oakley discount code.

Such advancements can also be seen in other areas. Clothing lines are using new technology to give us a realistic image of the products on offer. They use 3D technology to give us a much more authentic impression of our potential purchases and some also have a ‘virtual catwalk’ which features what is known as ‘augmented reality ‘. Viewing items on the virtual catwalk will give you a genuine, lifelike idea of the product, that you just can’t get from a standard picture on a website.

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Some have taken this even further with virtual fitting rooms. As the name suggests, this feature allows customers to virtually try on items before buying them, without leaving the house. Using photos stored on your phone, a mobile app can show you just how you’ll look in your chosen outfit, and compare different items, styles, and colours. This personalised, virtual shopping experience is quite a significant development in the fashion industry.

Make-up and beauty companies have also started to experiment with similar ideas. Just like the idea of the virtual fitting room, you can use your own photos to test out a particular shade of lipstick or eyeshadow so you’ll be able to see for yourself if you like it or not. Easy to use apps are becoming a fun and exciting way to shop, and if you then order your products online, all this can be done from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to give your wardrobe a complete makeover, you can also do this using the latest technology. A select few fashion labels have come up with the idea of a virtual wardrobe that you can create with the help of artificial intelligence and a virtual reality tool that allows you to mix and match items from your wardrobe and shop from various different retailers to create your personal and unique style.

Such amazing technological advancements may leave some thinking about the necessity of physical shops in the future. Although these technologies may not be for everyone, it’s clear that they can be very useful. Just think about how long the shops have been closed recently and how shopping online was the only option for many. In fact, many people switched to shopping online during lockdown and now actually prefer it, so who knows what the future holds. This recent situation may have sparked further developments in terms of technology in the fashion industry. Although we don’t know what to expect next, it’s been predicted that 3D printing will also make an appearance and this could mean one day you’ll be your own jewellery designer. Check out this article to find out more.