Is Bondic the Same as 5 Second Fix?

Is Bondic the Same as 5 Second Fix?

When it comes to gluing to fix or repair broken materials, we all know how annoying it is to use glue. Traditional glue can be messy because it is stuck to hands, and they don’t make durable bonding. However, in today’s time, there are plenty of gluing solutions you’ll find that you can use instead of conventional glues.

Bondic and 5 second fix both offer incredible gluing solutions with outstanding performance. Both of them can help you to fix your broken material without worrying about using regular glue. Bondic and 5 second fix both are liquid plastic welders, which contain many similarities and dissimilarities. Here we will talk about both of them in detail to easily determine and pick the best one.

What Is Liquid Plastic Welder?

What is a liquid plastic welder? It is a modern form of traditional glue that helps create a more durable bond by using hardened plastic. You can also use a plastic welding tool to fill in or build plastic, wood, and metal parts along with making bonds. In short, liquid plastic welding will let you experience exactly what you’re expecting.

The liquid plastic welder uses UV lights, and it is a novelty process to make bonds or repair any broken material. UV LED light helps to dry the welding faster by making a durable bond. This plastic welder glue does not make weak bonds like all other traditional glues.

Is Bondic the same as a 5 second fix?

Among numerous brands that offer gluing solutions, Bondic, and 5 second fix, both are most popular. Both offer incredible bonding processes and work on a variety of materials. When it’s about making a strong and permanent bond, nothing can beat Bondic and 5 second fix. You can easily repair any broken object or broken joints by using both of them.

However, you will find plenty of similarities and dissimilarities between  Bondic and 5 second fix. We will show you the bondic Comparison Test with 5 second fix; before that, look at the similarities of both of them.

  • Bondic and 5-second fix work as a plastic welder and use UV light to dry and harden the applied glue.
  • Bondic and 5-second fix does not leave any types of sticky glue messes after drying up. Both of them will dry and harden when you apply UV light.
  • Both of them make strong and durable bonds and do not damage in water, oil, heat, and tough situations.
  • You can use Bondic and 5-second fix on plenty of materials and repair all types of essentials with plastic welders.

Difference Between Bondic and a 5 Second Fix?

You will find plenty of differences between Bondic and a 5 Second Fix plastic welder glue. Here we have listed some key differences between Bondic and a 5 Second Fix.

1.   What are they?

  • Bondic

Bondic is the world’s first plastic welder, and it can bond, weld, repair, and fix anything better than conventional glue. This liquid plastic adhesive can also repair jewelry items too.

This liquid plastic glue can make a durable join where other glues fail to join materials permanently. You can control the drying duration of Bondic by applying UV light. It makes the quickest drying bond, and it is resistant to water heat, acids, lubricants, and oils.

  • 5 Second Fix

5 Second Fix is a liquid welding compound that can repair any broken item by fixing, repairing, and sealing. It is the best tool to create permanent repair and seals. 5 Second fix will help you to bond numerous compounds, such as plastic and metals. You can use this for repositioning and positioning until the desired position is achieved before making the final weld.

2.   Principles of Both of Them 

  • Bondic

Bondic welder pen allows you to fix or repair anything where the adhesive fails. It is super resistant, and it reattaches the broken part firmly. Bondic simply works perfectly under dishwasher pressure, dry weather, and even sunlight.

It works through liquid plastic and UV light, and it will never leave a stick on the user’s hand. Bondic can be used on metal, plastic, glass, wood, ceramics, and more materials. Moreover, anyone can use it without any technical knowledge.

  • 5 Second Fix

5 second fix is a superplastic welder and UV light-based welding tool that joins any materials. Anyone can easily use it by applying plastic liquid and then UV light over it. The 5 second fix is also anti-sticking glue, and it helps to create a bond within 5 seconds.

3.   Working Materials

  • Bondic

Bondic perfectly works with almost all types of materials. Here we have included some materials that effectively work with Bondic.

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Resin
  • The liquid plastic repair welder can be used on:
  • Electronic accessories such as computers, TVs, telephone cables, etc
  • Fabrics and shoes
  • Jewelry and much more


  • 5 Second Fix

Here are some materials where you can easily apply a 5 second fix, and it will work perfectly.

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Electric equipment.
  • Fabrics and more

4.   How Do They Work?

  • Bondic

As we earlier said, Bondic is an advanced liquid plastic glue that bonds things through Bondic adhesive and UV light. If you are curious about how it works, then you will be happy to know that it’s too easy.

You have to clean the broken part and pour a few drops of Bondic adhesive on it. Now use the right amount of UV light over the adhesive, and it will make a perfect strong bond.

  • 5 Second Fix

The use of a 5 second fix is much easier than Bondic. You can fill, seal and fix broken materials through it. First, apply the liquid plastic glue on the broken parts and apply UV light over the plastic glue. You can fix any materials within 5 seconds through a 5 second fix.

Bondic vs 5 Second Fix: Which One is Better?

Above we have arranged a comparison test between bondic and 5 second fix. If you look at the bondic Comparison Test with 5 second fix, you can easily determine which one is more reliable. 5 Second Fix works through UV light that you can operate with batteries. On the other hand, 5 Second Fix is not waterproof and heat-resistant.

Though 5 Second Fix works best on clean and flat surfaces, but bondic works perfectly on rough surfaces.  5 Second Fix contains toxic components, whereas bondic does not contain any toxic components. Moreover, Bondic is resistant against acids, lyes, oils, lubricants as well. So when it’s about choosing the best liquid plastic welder, you should go for Bondic rather than 5 Second Fix.


As we have presented every detail about Bondic and the 5 second fix, you know well about both. These both plastic welder glue will be the perfect alternative to all types of glues and superglues. No matter be it normal glue or superglue, the use of it can be messy.

Moreover, glue is essential to reattach broken items, and it does not work as a filler and does not make a durable bond. Therefore, using a liquid plastic welder like Bondic and 5 second fix will be a suitable way to make overall bonding stronger. We have also shown similarities and dissimilarities between Bondic and 5 second fix. So you can now easily choose the best one based on your needs.