5 Ways 3D Modeling Is Used In Video Game Development

5 Ways 3D Modeling Is Used In Video Game Development

Today, computer games are an integral part of the lives of two billion people. The secret of their popularity lies in a wide variety of genres and a wealth of stylistic solutions.

Modern digital technologies allow the elaboration of the game plot, textures and animation to the smallest detail. Specialists working on the creation and development of 3D models are actively competing to create the most realistic virtual reality. Their professional skills are widely used in the film industry, animation, television advertising, art design and many other fields of activity. In common 3d modeling for video games must be carried out by professionals. Modern 3d game modeling opens a lot of new opportunities for the users.

5 Ways 3D Modeling Is Used In Video Game Development

Build Locations

Why order a 3D location? This reduces the risk – if you are going to create a set from scratch, making sure that you and your client (or performers) see it the same way is helpful. This will reduce the risks of unnecessary alterations and rebuilds.

Saves money – visualization will require costs for its creation, but this is more than compensated by the fact that you do not have to redo an already built location. Saves not only money, but also nerves and time.

Increases loyalty – your client will appreciate your professionalism and will return to you more than once.

Makes you cooler – it sets you apart from other companies.

Measure Objects

Units are the basis for determining distances and dimensions in 3D Studio Max. To accurately maintain the required dimensions, you should set the system of units of measurement that best matches the model on which you are working. 3D Studio Max supports a variety of measurement systems including Metric; US Standard Custom Generic Units (Relative). The latter type of units is the default and is simply decimal numbers, such as 1, 100, that do not have a specific dimension.

Create Characters

3D character modeling is what will help you plunge into a three-dimensional world with your head and make your dreams come true, even if you always thought it was something unrealizable. In the world of modern technologies, absolutely everything is possible, and the creation of a 3D character created by your imagination is, of course, also.

The heart of any animation is its characters. And animation modelling must be done in high quality. With the help of them, animators tell stories that become legends. But for animators to have something to work with, 3D artists can create attractive and technically suitable characters for animation.


It is worth noting that when texturing for games, you will be dealing with certain materials that are common to all models, for example, leather, metal, animal skin. It is very useful to create materials at the beginning of the project to use for texturing all the characters. This will not only speed up the process, but also make it possible to obtain more uniform textures with the help of https://kevurugames.com/game-art/3d-game-modeling/.


3D Models of Existing Objects

The area where the construction of a 3D model on the basics of a real photograph is used is the sphere of entertainment. The modeling helps to create special effects and is used for combining frames, and it can’t be without prototypes.

The characters are drawn with the help of photographs. As a result, a lot of famous people became the basis for the creation of the heroes.

An animated or game hero was an important part of the hero creation not so long ago. But now the situation has changed. There are a lot of special programs with the help of which can be carried out the task.