5 Important Steps Toward a Clean Dental Office

There are many reasons people don’t keep up with regular dental check-ups.

Some are too busy, while others are worried about the expense. Dental phobia or anxiety could also be a reason. Either they had an unpleasant experience in the past or were scared the procedures would be painful.

It could also be something unrelated to dentophobia. For example, some patients might not like the way a dental office smells. Or it could be they’re not impressed by how it looks.

Because a clean dental office makes the best first impression, let’s talk about how you can keep your dental practice safe and sanitary at all times.

1. Disinfect High-Touch Areas Often

These include patient chairs, drawer handles, X-ray equipment, and so on. For hard-to-clean areas, consider using a protective dental film.

Dental barrier films are a type of self-adhesive plastic wraps that can protect against disease-causing microorganisms. They’re easy to remove, so when it’s time to replace them, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up residues.

2. Maintain Bathroom Cleanliness

When’s the last time you checked your restroom’s hygiene supplies and amenities?

If you say every day, that’s great. Be sure to stock your bathrooms with toilet paper, soap, and paper towels. Also, don’t forget to address plumbing issues asap to prevent patients from running into potentially embarrassing situations.

3. Dust All Hard Surfaces

Do you have patients and employees with respiratory issues?

Dusting often is a must not only to keep your dental office spotless. It can help prevent breathing problems and the spread of illness caused by mites and other pathogens.

4. Stay Organized

The more organized your dental office is, the easier it is to clean. Plus, it makes your office look more professional.

So if you see files or paperwork piling up, store them in their proper cabinets. It’s also vital to declutter your reception area and workspace regularly to keep it looking its best.

5. Evaluate Your Dental Office Cleaning Plan

A dental or medical office cleaning service isn’t for every practice. If your budget doesn’t allow it, you can help your dental manager establish a protocol in your office.

It can cover a schedule to ensure cleaning supplies don’t run out and have employees request items for restocking. The protocol may also include training to guarantee your cleaning plan is up to date with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

Bonus: What Makes a Clean Dental Office?

There’s clean, and there’s clean based on industry standards. Whether you hire dental office cleaning services or do it yourself, remember that it’s not just to leave a good impression on patients.

It’s also for the safety of your patients and the whole dental care team. That means following OSHA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for medical and dental practices, including cleaning and decontamination of all equipment and working surfaces.

Since medical and dental offices risk exposure to bloodborne pathogens, you need to use an appropriate disinfectant. The same applies to hiring dental office cleaning services. Be sure to check if their products are EPA-registered.

Make Cleanliness a Priority

Now that you know the importance of a clean dental office, what steps are you taking to ensure your practice is safe and sanitary?

If you’re already following the steps we’ve mentioned, that’s awesome. For more tips on running a dental practice, check out our other posts.