6 of the most popular online businesses

6 of the most popular online businesses

It’s safe to say that business is booming online. With ever-increasing access to web design, coders, and IT specialists, there’s little to stop anyone from founding their own cyber business. These come in all shapes and sizes, but here’s a rundown of the most popular.

#1 Dropshipping

Dropshipping has been huge for some time (although there are signs that its popularity is starting to decline). It’s a form of retail that involves setting up an eCommerce platform, finding a niche, and then selling products without ever holding stock. Dropshippers are essentially intermediaries: they have no involvement with the shipping or fulfillment side of the business. This model can be profitable and promises a lot of freedom (it’s tied to digital nomad culture), but it’s far from straightforward.

#2 Social media marketing agency

Social media marketing agencies are nebulous in construct and specialize in everything from connecting companies with influencers, helping clients grow their social media accounts, and managing those accounts when they get big. There’s no entry-level qualification and really no standardization across this industry, but you’ll need an in-depth knowledge of social media and preferably a big following of your own.

#3 Online courses

You’ve probably encountered a fair few Facebook adverts from people selling online courses. This is a popular business model because anybody can do it. You could be a specialized writer, a web design expert, a social media influencer, a travel blogger – as long as you have knowledge that you can package and sell as an online course. Making the course is only the first step, however. Marketing and selling it is where the real hard work begins.

#4 Online casinos

These are certainly difficult to start from scratch, but they remain one of the biggest and most profitable online industries. Casinos offer unparalleled choice, and customers are enticed by welcome offers and bonuses, which they compare using sites like freeextrachips.com. Of course, online casinos have a high entry price, and any budding entrepreneurs require a gambling license before they can even begin, but get the model (and those all-important welcome bonuses) right, and you can generate vast amounts of income.

#5 Copy and content writing

One for writers is a wildly popular career, so expect a lot of competition. Copy and content are slightly different (the former is more business orientated), but both involve writing short articles for clients to increase their web traffic. You’ll need some SEO knowledge and the ability to write insightfully on a wide range of topics. Many writers choose to go completely freelance, sourcing clients privately or on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

#6 Graphic designer

The artistic equivalent of writing content, graphic designers, operate in a similarly freelance capacity. They design everything from logos to site banners and branding. This can be a lucrative career depending on the client and brief, but many graphic designers start small with a website and a few private clients. Artistic skills are (obviously) a must, but you’ll also need a grounding in all the latest image production software like Photoshop.