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10 Supportive Benefits of Attending a Georgia Drug Rehab Program

This past year’s COVID-19 pandemic and its reverberations resulted in 34% of people suffering from addiction, and those in recovery, facing disruptions in their care.

As the world shut down, so did the vital rehabilitation infrastructure that helps people with their recovery.

While social scientists continue to study the mental health consequences of this pandemic, one thing will become clear: it hasn’t been easy for those struggling with addiction.

If you currently struggle and live in Georgia, it might be time to check into a Georgia drug rehab.

Do you think you can beat addiction alone? It’s not a great bet. Read on to learn how a rehab facility gives you the best chance for a successful recovery.

1. Structured Environment

Those struggling with drug addiction need to rebuild their lives from the ground up. The old routines and ways of living are often triggers that lead to relapse. Without structure, far too many fall into damaging patterns.

A treatment plan in an in-patient rehabilitation facility provides the structure needed for patients to create a new, healthy routine.

Free from distraction, patients can learn how to live their lives free from the routines that facilitated their drug use.

2. Emotional Support

Relationships and how they change during recovery are a huge challenge for those seeking relief from addiction. Your friends might not understand your new life path, especially those who you were close to while using.

Quitting drugs or alcohol means those relationships change or end. The people you used to see every night at the bar may drift from your life. Other friends in your social circle may not know how to socialize with you.

Addiction treatment and recovery is an evolving process. During your time in rehab, you’ll have emotional support from people who live your experience.

These relationships help you form a new social network of like-minded people you can rely on to assist your continued recovery.

3. Therapy

Drug addiction treatment without therapy is akin to putting a bandage on a tumor. Substance use disorder is a mental illness and needs treatment as such. It is also comorbid with other mental conditions.

Recent studies show that people suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD) are far more likely to have a substance use disorder history. 57.9% of those with MDD also face addiction problems.

Treating a substance use disorder or addiction cannot focus on the behavior alone. A successful treatment plan includes the underlying mental health struggles that often accompany addiction.

A rehab facility seeks to harmonize those treatments to address the damaging behaviors that lead to substance abuse and the underlying mental issues that drive it.

4. Lack of Substance Access

The outside world is a challenging place when in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. Temptation lurks around every corner and in every gas station cooler.

To break the cycle of use and shame, many people need to avoid temptation for some time before they feel comfortable. In-patient rehab facilities restrict access completely, making it the best option for early recovery.

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5. Medical Supervision

There are two types of withdrawal people with substance use disorder can experience, physical and mental.

Physical withdrawal is a serious process and one that requires medical care. Mental withdrawal can last for months, and the emotional roller coaster during mental withdrawal can be just as dangerous.

One of the best benefits of a rehab facility is around-the-clock medical supervision. You will go through withdrawal in a safe and supervised atmosphere.

6. Focus on Physical Health

Do you know how much your physical health impacts your mental health? Studies show exercise mitigates and eases symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Exercise isn’t the only component of physical health. People in the throes of addiction are often malnourished.

A nutritious diet is crucial to your brain and body functioning and is another tool you’ll learn to use in your recovery.

7. Lack of Negative Influences

The relationships we form during our darkest days of addiction can wreck recovery. Especially if you’ve chosen to change your life and your spouse or long-term partner hasn’t.

Entering into rehab and starting a treatment plan eliminates these negative influences from your life. Your visits and your contact with folks on the outside will be restricted and heavily monitored.

8. Complete Focus on Self

Life is full of distractions and stress. When was the last time you were able to take even a few hours to focus on your mental, physical, and emotional health?

Stress and anxiety can trigger those in the early stages of recovery, especially if substance use was a primary coping mechanism.

Free from stress and distraction, you’ll be able to spend the time you need to focus on yourself.

9. Preparation for Re-Entry

You know you can’t stay in a rehab facility for the rest of your life. Your doctors know this, too. The goal of in-patient rehab is to help people function in recovery as they reenter the world.

During your stay, your doctors give you tools to prepare for your life without substance use.

These tools involve new, healthy coping mechanisms. They also help identify and eliminate toxic situations. Once you leave rehab, you’ll be better able to keep yourself away from triggering events.

10. Continued Support

Recovery doesn’t end once you complete your rehab stay. Recovery is a life-long process that’s mitigated like most other chronic diseases.

Once you leave, your facility will continue to provide support at an outpatient care level.

Turn a New Page With a Georgia Drug Rehab

Addiction isn’t state-specific. People suffer from substance use disorder all over the country, and you need help to get in control.

Don’t try to beat addiction alone. If you live in the Peach State, consider a Georgia drug rehab. Now is the time for you to turn a new page and live your life to the fullest.

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