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5 Healthy Self-Care Habits for Busy People

Did you know that engaging in self-care habits has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels and improve quality of life? Modern living has us spread thin and perpetually stressed out. Engaging in daily self-care habits is one of the most important things we can do.

But, how do you develop a routine of good self-care habits? It can be overwhelming to find a routine that doesn’t take up too much time and lowers stress instead of adding to it.

If you’re looking for self-care habits for wellbeing, read on! This article will go over some of the best ways to lower your stress and stay healthy.

1. Take Care Of Your Nutrition

Think about your body as a machine, you always want to make sure it’s being fed the appropriate fuel. Ideally, you’ll be eating real, nutrient-dense food and limiting fast foods and processed sugars. Home cooking is always better than food that comes in plastic bags.

This is easier said than done and the prospect of cooking every meal for yourself might stress you out even more!

A great way to meet your nutritional needs without adding time to your routine is to take vitamins. Not only are vitamins good for your health, but they can make you feel better.

For example, starting your morning with a vitamin B and C complex can give you more energy and make you feel much more lively during the day. And it adds no time to your morning routine!

If you’re interested in our top vitamins for healthy self-care habits, take a look!

2. Start a Gratitude Journal

Studies show that keeping a gratitude list can increase feelings of positivity. Every day before going to sleep, write down three things that you’re grateful for from the day—the simpler the better.

It’s best if you pick things that are deeply felt. For example, you might be thankful for the taste of your favorite fried chicken, or the warmth of your morning coffee.

3. Reward Yourself

Make sure to schedule rewards when you complete big tasks that you’ve been dreading. You don’t have to break the bank, even treating yourself to an ice cream from your favorite shop is enough.

This gives you something to look forward to and can give you a break when you’re spread thin with a lot on your plate.

4. Get Your Eight Hours

Getting a full night of sleep will make you feel more rested in the morning, and ready to take on the day.

In addition, getting eight hours every night helps you live longer. While you might feel fine with six or seven hours and a cup of coffee, regularly missing that extra hour or two has long-term effects on your health!

5. Exercise

Set aside 20 minutes to exercise every day. Make a point to put away your phone and compartmentalize your stress for these 20 minutes. This way it also acts as a break!

The exercise doesn’t have to be intense, you can take your 20 minutes to do a little bit of yoga, stretch, or go for a walk. These will get your blood moving when you feel your energy flagging.

Be Proactive About Your Self-Care Habits

It doesn’t take a lot of time to take care of yourself. Establish a routine of self-care habits, and whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed do one of these things to reset your brain. After a little bit of self-care, you’ll find that you’re ready to work again with renewed energy.

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