5 Foods To Control Blood Sugar

5 Foods To Control Blood Sugar

People who may be prediabeic or diabetic or have other health conditions that affect the blood sugar levels are always looking at ways to get better control of their blood sugar levels. The best way to control your blood sugar levels is to eat a healthy diet, thus we have compiled a list of foods to help you. The best part of this list of foods is that you can order them when you order grocery online.

Please note: These foods to control blood sugar levels are only recommendations. Please consult a medical expert or dietician before you make such changes to your diet and decide to have any of the following food items.

  1. Broccoli

Broccolis are rich in sulforaphane, which is a type of isothiocyanate that aids in maintaining blood sugar levels. When the vegetable is chopped or chewed, the plant chemical is produced. To get the best results, it is recommended that the broccoli be eaten raw or steamed before consumption.

  1. Pumpkins

In Mexico and Iran, pumpkins are actively used as a diabetic remedy. Pumpkins are packed with antioxidants and fiber. Pumpkins are a rich source of polysaccharides that are great for maintaining blood sugar levels. If you aren’t a fan of pumpkins, you can try consuming pumpkin seeds. These seeds are rich sources of proteins and healthy fats. Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are a must on your shopping list when you order grocery online.

  1. Okra/ladies finger

Okra or more commonly known as ladies finger, like pumpkins are rich in polysaccharides. In addition to the blood sugar lowering compound, okra is filled with antioxidants. Okra seeds have been used as a diabetic remedy in Turkey due to its blood sugar lowering properties.

  1. Flax seeds

Flax seeds are rich sources of healthy fats and fibre. If you don’t like eating flax seeds separately, you can crush the seeds and mix them in your aata, curd or salads. They have been proven to reduce blood sugar levels and  must be bought when you order grocery online.

  1. Avocados

Avocados are delicious and creamy fruits that are rich in vitamins, fibers, healthy fats and minerals. Adding these super fruits to your meals helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Avocados, in addition to being foods to control blood sugar levels, are proven to protect the body against metabolic syndromes such as blood pressure and other chronic disea