5 Dental Tools and Technologies Changing Dentistry
5 Dental Tools and Technologies Changing Dentistry

5 Dental Tools and Technologies Changing Dentistry

Up to 85 percent of people in the United States of America believe that dental hygiene and getting treatment from the dentist is important for their overall health.

Top-notch care has never been easier to access thanks to all of the new dental tools and technologies that are available. These dental technologies help dentists provide better care and spot troublesome issues early.

With all of these changes in technology, the future of dentistry has never been brighter. Continue reading to learn more about the top five dental tools that are changing the future of dentistry.

Modern Technology in Dentistry

The increases in technology have started to have a major impact on dentistry and the services that patients have access to. Whether it is lasers, mini cameras, or augmented reality, technology has changed the game when it comes to dentistry.

Here is a look at five amazing modern technologies in dentistry today.

Digital X-Rays

When it comes to traditional x-rays, you’re unfortunately going to be exposed to some levels of radiation. Thankfully, technology has introduced digital x-rays into the dental industry.

Not only are you not susceptible to exposure to radiation, but you also have to wait significantly less time in order for the image to be developed. The results of the photo are almost instantaneous and the dentist gets a clearer look than with traditional x-rays.

Because the x-ray is digital instead of a physical copy, the dentist can zoom in on trouble spots. This helps to diagnose issues that may not be seen on a traditional x-ray.

Laser Dentistry

It sounds crazy, but dentists are putting lasers to good use when it comes to providing top-notch care to their patients. Lasers have a ton of different applications and can even be used for whitening teeth.

Lasers can help with removing decay within a tooth which eliminates the need for a drill. This action prepares the tooth for the filling that it needs and does so quickly and with less pain.

They are also used to remove bacteria and reshape gums during a root canal procedure. Check out this dentist, which uses lasers in order to provide their patients with treatment for gum disease.

Their application is also great for removing lesions and getting biopsies of areas that your dentist wants to take a closer look at for cancer.

Last but not least, dentists use lasers to help speed up the tooth whitening process. Your dentist uses a bleaching solution made up of peroxide and activates the solution with the laser. This helps speed up the whitening process.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening is the newest tooth whitening technology to come to the market. If you want whiter teeth, this cutting-edge technology will give you results after just one use.

It will not only make your teeth whiter in one use, but it will also take them up to 8 shades whiter in that timespan. A usual appointment for Zoom Whitening takes only 45 minutes.

Blue LED light-accelerated technology is used in combination with a gel that goes on your teeth. This combination whitens your teeth in a rapid timeframe.

Meanwhile, Amorphous Calcium Phosphate is used to help protect the enamel on your teeth and improve their luster. It also helps to improve the sensitivity of your teeth.

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Zoom Whitening will get you better results than an at-home teeth whitening process and requires much less time and diligence from the patient.

Though the main part of the Zoom Whitening process starts at the dentist’s office, they will offer you whitening trays for performing your own whitening maintenance. This way, if your teeth get stained you can fix them on your own.

Intra-Oral Camera

As great as those dental mirrors of old may be, they still won’t allow the dentist to see everything that they’d like to see within your mouth. No matter the lighting or how wide you open your mouth there are still blind spots.

These situations are uncomfortable and inconvenient for both the patient and the dentist. Luckily, one of the best new dental tools available is the intra-oral camera.

Many companies, such as MouthWatch, offer intra-oral camera technology to dentists to make oral examinations much easier and more comfortable for both parties.

This technology is the future of dentistry. It uses liquid lens technology to capture effortless and clear images from within the patient’s mouth. This allows the dentist to get a comprehensive look at what is going on with the patient’s teeth.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is changing the way that dentists learn how to provide care and making it easier than ever for them to get the training that they need.

Using augmented reality filters and a mannequin, dental students can perform dental procedures and get immediate feedback on what they’re doing. This helps them learn and grow.

It also helps them identify areas that they need to improve upon while also developing their skills. They are the future of dentistry so giving them the best schooling and training possible is important.

It is already in wide usage by dental schools around the world and will continue to be used as a primary training tool for years to come.

Augmented reality is also used in the office of dentists. It is most commonly used for reconstructive and aesthetic dental procedures to show patients what their teeth will look like after the work is completed.

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There are even apps available for patients to use that will show them what their teeth will look like.

These apps help patients and dentists look at the height and spacing of their teeth and find the perfect setup of what the patient would like their teeth to look like once the work is completed.

The Future of Dentistry Is Bright

Technology continues to shape the world around us and the industry of dentistry is no different. Technology is giving dentists new dental tools that make providing top-notch care easy while making patients healthy.

For procedures like teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, and even reconstructive work, technology is giving patients peace of mind. They’re getting the best care while also getting to see what their teeth will look like after everything is done.

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