7 Fun Activities for College Students in the Classroom

7 Fun Activities for College Students in the Classroom

Ever been in the middle of teaching your college class and glanced over at the tired and bored faces of your students? If yes, I bet you would want to do something to get your class lively and deliver your perfect lessons effectively.

How can this be achieved? How could you possibly turn a class of bored students into excited learners?

Over the years, educators have come up with strategies and ways to improve your classroom’s interactive level. This article provided by highly qualified essay writers from Affordable Papers presents you with seven teacher-tested activities you could engage your college students with to make learning enjoyable to them.

Why You Should Include Fun Activities for Your College Students in Class

Ensuring a connection to bridge the gap between you, the teacher, and your college students is vital for effective education. Some factors like age and technology barriers can create friction between students and teachers.

Therefore, by including fun activities that help you as a teacher to understand your students better, you are bound to have a class full of eager learners.

Fun Activities for Your College Students in the Classroom

Having a class full of uninterested learners can be unhealthy for both you, the teacher, and the students as well. For the students, it leads to a fast decline in their grades and their reduced attendance.

Here are some fun activities you could present to your classroom to energize your college students;

1. Lessons in Motion

A fun way to keep your class lively and interactive is by introducing a theater group experience to your lesson periods as a college teacher. Whether you teach abstract arts or the logical sciences, by imbibing the act of group demonstration, you get to pass your message clearly and well-received.

You could do this by having your class divided into groups. Then, make them act out or demonstrate their understanding of several characters in the field of study. A lot of students understand. Research shows that students assimilate better what they visualize.

Thus, using graphics to teach students will not only have fun while learning but learn better. There are ways to teach students using pictures, and this would spice up the learning process.

Not only does this make the class fun and lively, but it is also effective for the remembrance of the students at large.

2. Create Puzzle and Quiz Fun Challenges

Another way to energize your college students in the class is to transform your topics into fun puzzles, riddles, and quizzes. This is effective and interactive as it would require multiple people formed in groups to solve them.

Puzzle and quiz will improve interactions between students and gear them towards learning on their own and improving on their quiz skills at home.

You could also create a sense of mystery into your lesson period by making each student pick out random topics from a bowl of cut-out topics. By creating suspense in your lesson periods, your students tend to get anxious to find out what’s next every day.

3. Include Game Activities like Building Card Towers

Amongst the games you could introduce to your college students is the game of building card towers. A simple yet effective game such as this helps raise team spirit and inter-activeness amongst your students.

You could do this by dividing the class into groups. Then, have each one try to build the tallest one, then watch your once dull classroom buzz with sufficient energy.

4. State Your Problem

This is yet another simple but critical fun activity you could include in your lesson hours. You pick a topic and ask a student what his or her problem is.

The next person attempts an answer at it as well as stating another problem. It rotates around the class till the last student. It helps in the development of critical thinking and healthy criticism.

5. Dividing Assignments

Having to solve a whole bulk of assignments can seem burdensome for students individually. In this case, you could lift the burden by dividing the class into groups and also separate the task into fractions.

You can then assign these fractions to different groups to solve and defend by the motivation of high marks to the winning group.

6. “Pass the Mic”

This activity goes a long way in promoting a high level of interaction amongst your students. By simply leaving the review in your students’ hands, you get to assess what is being understood and what isn’t easy.

The more this is encouraged, the more you have an energized class eager to air their views.

7. Healthy Critiquing Activities

By introducing healthy critiquing activities to your class hours, you get to teach your students the problem-solving act. Critiquing can get difficult, but to make it effective and chaos-free, ensure that they offer a solution after each criticism.

By introducing healthy critiquing activities to your class hours, you get to teach your students the problem-solving act. Critiquing can get difficult, but to make it effective and chaos-free, ensure that they offer a solution after each criticism. 

Students are the future leaders of our societies. This is why ensuring they get the best of the education system is important.

To be a standard educator, you should ensure that you make your learning environment lively and interactive. By including fun activities in your classrooms along with online activities during lockdown, you are sure to get a favorable learning environment beneficial to both you and your college students.

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