A stunt Chelsea fan has expressed his dissatisfaction with Chelsea's manager Frank Lampard requesting his dismissal immediately.

5 Crucial Mistakes that Caused Chelsea’s Defeat – Don Weezi Skyboy (Opinion)

The outspoken member of the Pride of London group and a stunt Chelsea fan, Don Weezi Skyboy has outlined 5 mistakes that caused Chelsea’s defeat to Liverpool.

Before stating his observations, Don Weezi referred to his previous comment of which many Chelsea fans attacked him.

“Before this game I made it clear Lampard should go, so many fans insulted me and refused to see reasons with me. Look at his decision against a team like Liverpool in Stamford bridge, is purely unacceptable,” Don Weezi added.

Per his observations, here are the 5 reasons why mostly Chelsea lost against Liverpool:

Removing Harvertz: Taking Harvertz out of the games seems to be a blatant mistake. Removing Harvertz who was in the game a hundred percent, created chances for Timo in the first half, and playing mount full time was a pure sentiment, not tactical.

The Removal of Kovacic: Removing Kovacic in the midfield gave Liverpool more strength to dominate the game, Chelsea needs a Coach to let be realistic. I don’t blame Kepa that much because the pressure was much on him, we should not be playing from the back when we are one man down. All the ball should be going forward to avoid more pressure.

Tomori’s Poor Pass: That was a poor pass from Tomori considering he saw Mane in front of the keeper. Kepa did very well, made some Good saves and has improved from last season, though he still he still needs a Competitor, thank God for Mandy on his way.

Lampard Lacks Decision Making. Our major problem in Chelsea is Lampard’s decision making. He is poor and he lacks the right mentality of an experienced Coach. Even his Substitute timing is wrong, he should have made three changes from the second half and still dominate that game.

Inexperience Defense: The more reason I wanted Thiago Silva in that game, he will neva foul Mane as the last man. Experience matters though Christensen did well in the game before the red card. Good but telling us Thiago Silva is fit but not ready is Childish especially when you have Liverpool to play at home.

Agree with me Lampard has destroyed the house he built (Stamford bridge). Teams have no respect for our beloved home anymore. Sadly enough, he is the only coach in Chelsea history who has lost more home games.

Our home should be a hot zone for our rivals not playing ground for them, ruling Pulisic and Chilwell out of the game for me is still Childish, knowing fully well they would have caused Liverpool harm.

With all this point of mine, I still think Lampard needs to go and handle Lesser teams and gain a lot of experience and come back in the future as a better coach.

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