Opinion: Christiansen and Kepa are Chelsea's Problem - Yankess Gucci Defends Lampard

Opinion: Christiansen and Kepa are Chelsea’s Problem – Yankess Gucci Defends Lampard

The shocking defeat of Chelsea against Liverpool yesterday has left many fans expressing their concerns. Whiles many have blamed the Coach, Frank Lampard for the abysmal performance, Yankess Gucci believes those are far from the truth.
A group post made by Yankess Gucci shows his support for Chelsea’s legend, suggesting that the Coach is not to blame rather, Christiansen and Kepa should be blamed. Here is what he said:
“As a football analyst I think Lampard is not a fault but Christiansen and Kepa and I think Jorgihoi is a good player but we really see him play well at times like the way Kante always performed. Chelsea really needs to play Odoi. Any one insulting Kai Harvart Timi Werner does not know football. Sometimes I laugh when Chelsea fans are looking on to Pulisis, he is good but don’t put your hope in him because he is not a very consistent player.
You don’t put hopes on players like that but rather Hakim Ziyech who is a consistent player who performs week in week out, he is going to be that man 4 Chelsea. In summary, ziyech is going to b your best signing and Werner will benefit from him”
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