HVAC technician using a meter to check heat pump amperage

4 HVAC Problems Homeowners May Encounter

When a home HVAC unit is doing its job properly, you’ll probably forget all about it. But this costly piece of equipment can go wrong from time to time. Without the proper maintenance, you may run into HVAC problems.

As most property owners know, repairing an HVAC system is seldom cheap and a complete replacement unit will cost on average $7,000. With this in mind, it’s always best to invest in HVAC maintenance before any problems occur to ensure your system lasts for as long as possible.

But what are the most common HVAC issues that homeowners may encounter?

Here are the top four problems and what the cause may be for each.

1. Your HVAC System Is Noisy

Rattles and knocks coming from your HVAC system are signs that you have an issue. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want your heating and air conditioning to work quietly in the background, without causing a disturbance.

Rattles may indicate an issue with a fan motor or a loose duct, while squealing sounds could be a sign that a belt needs changing. Whatever the noise, it’s always best to get it checked out by an HVAC professional promptly.

2. The Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

The air conditioning function is designed to keep you cool, so when it starts blowing out warm air when it’s set to cold, you know there’s a problem. The first thing to check is your thermostat settings. If these are correct, it could be a problem with your air filter.

Problems caused by blocked air filters can easily be avoided by taking out maintenance and repair plans with a local HVAC service contractor.

3. Your HVAC Is Leaking

It’s not abnormal for an HVAC unit to occasionally have some condensation and to leak a little, however, if this becomes excessive, it’s a sure sign that there’s a problem.

Usually, the cause is that the condensate line is clogged. This is something that you could remedy yourself, without the assistance of a professional. To find out how to do this, consult your manufacturer’s guidelines.

4. Your HVAC Won’t Function

If your HVAC system is not functioning at all, there could be any number of possible causes. The first place to look is the thermostat. Check that your thermostat is set correctly and that it has power. Often, thermostats are battery-powered, so replace the cell if needed.

Once you’ve ruled out any problems with the thermostat, you may need the assistance of a professional who will take your unit apart to assess for a probable cause.

Dealing With HVAC Problems

As you can see from this guide, many of the common HVAC problems homeowners face can cause considerable disruption and discomfort to you and your family. Investing in proper professional services will reduce the need for costly HVAC repairs.

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