A Sports Fanatic’s Guide to Betting on Football

Did you know that the sports betting industry is thought to be worth around 3 trillion dollars each year with illegal betting said to be worth half of that? Online gambling has steadily been growing over the last twenty years and is worth around 45 billion annually.

Following football might be your passion but are you ready to test your knowledge? Read on below for all you need to know about betting on football and increasing your odds of winning!

Be Disciplined When Betting On Football

The golden rule of any gambling is to only wager on amounts that you can afford to lose, this will make sure you don’t lose all your money and go broke which is what nobody wants.

If you are on a bad run it can be tempting to bet bigger amounts to make higher returns quickly but this is where you must be disciplined and not do that, betting a higher amount might mean you lose even more money.

Don’t always back favorites

Sometimes David does beat Goliath and this could be said for football as well. Betting on the favorite has a diminished return anyhow and you don’t win much. If you know your football well and the underdog has a decent chance of winning then it might be the better bet.

Another trap punters fall into is selecting favorites together in an accumulator bet without going through each match individually and selecting who you think might win, this is equally important when Super Bowl betting.

Know Your Losses

We recommend that you make notes on bets that you place on a weekly or daily basis. Take down notes on the types of bet, type of market, and the odds you received.

Afterwards review your bets to see if you are successful with a particular type of bet and pick up any patterns you should have. The aim of the game is to limit your losses and profit from your winnings.

Don’t Bet On Big Odds

We all have dreams of winning on odds that are insurmountable against us but in reality how often does it happen? The big odds are that way because it all favors the favorites of the game.

You should never be drawn towards the biggest odds unless you feel that the team has a genuine chance of winning. Sometimes bookmakers will quote as much as 20 to 1 odds on a team winning, there are always reasons behind particular odds.

Bet Small Win Big

Betting, when done right, can be very lucrative. By following these few simple tips and tricks you will limit your losses and make sure you continually manage to win. Most of it comes down to experience and knowing enough about the game.

If you are a football fundi then betting on football might be exactly what you need to do. Are you an avid better? Looking for other betting streams to get involved in? Take a look at our sports page and swing the odds in your favor!