Why Black V-Necks Are The Perfect Formal Wear

Why Black V-Necks Are The Perfect Formal Wear

Love suits, blazers, slacks and Oxford shoes yet loathe stuffy dress shirts? We hear you, and we have the best solution for you – black V-neck t-shirts.

Yes, the comfortable, sleek and figure-fitting tees are the perfect choice when it comes to formal wear. While you may want to stick to regular shirts for your black or white tie events, for most other occasions, a black V-neck is an ideal substitute.

Here’s why.

Black V-neck for formal wear 

V-neck tees are the more fancy and stylish brother of your crewneck. They elongate the body, make you look slimmer and are the perfect layering piece for suits, blazers and jackets. They also look great on their own.

The days of strict formal wear rules are over, and we’re welcoming black V-neck t-shirts with open arms. They provide us with more comfort and moving space, and the classic black colour works with pretty much anything.

Substituting your regular shirt with a V-neck, you’re signalling that you’re fashion-savvy and not afraid to take risks.

A tee works well not only for the summer but the colder seasons too.

The right t-shirt 

While we’ve just established that a V-neck works excellent with formal wear, there are still some things to keep in mind.

First of all, it’s choosing the right tee because your old shirts from college days will not fit the bill.

You want to get a new, high-quality fabric t-shirt like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees. Check them out here: freshcleantees.com/products/black-v-neck

The sleek and stretchy fabric will highlight all the right places of your body.

The next thing you want to focus on is the length and fit of the V-neck. You want it to hug your shoulders tighter than usual and go down to the waistline. Don’t buy a too-large size; you want your body shape to be seen.

The suit, blazer and trousers 

Your black V-neck tee will work great with a suit or a blazer and trousers.

When getting the right suit or blazer, make sure that the sleeves are just hugging your wrist and the chest is broad enough yet not baggy. We recommend going for classic grey, shades of brown, beige, burgundy, and other earthy tones when it comes to the colours. Maybe stay away from all-black to avoid looking like a security guard.

You also have plenty of trouser options, from classic slacks, checkered wool trousers, and smart-casual chinos in burgundy, navy or olive.

Match the top with the bottom, and you’re good to go.

The right hoes

The formal look is not complete without the proper footwear. While there are many options, we recommend sticking to the classics – loafers or Oxfords.

Make sure your shoe colour works well with the outfit (remember, shoes should never be darker than your trousers) and maybe stay away from extravagant designs.

Loafers work great with Chinos and slacks and are a more laidback choice.

Oxfords are always a safe and stylish bet. Dark brown shoes look great with a navy suit a black V-Neck tee. Otherwise, rely on your colour wheel to find the best match and if you’re wearing black trousers, go for black shoes too.


Accessories are the finishing touches of your look, and it’s so much fun to pick them.

The options are endless, from sunglasses to bracelets and watches to colourful, quirky socks.

The level of quirkiness will depend on the situation and occasion, but you’ll never go wrong with such classics as a high-quality leather belt, pocket square and heirloom watch.

Don’t go overboard, and remember that when it comes to formal wear, less is more. Stay with the essentials!