Easy Ways to Improve Your Health Without Exercise

Easy Ways to Improve Your Health Without Exercise

Let’s face it. Exercise is not for everyone. That’s perfectly okay. However, your body still deserves some TLC to keep it in shape. Over the last 18 months, it feels like there has been a focus entirely on the health of the world, yet not much is being said on improving the health of the nation.

Your health is everything to you. Good health gives you the freedom to live life freely. For the majority of people, living a healthy lifestyle 24/7 is not possible. It’s possible, and easy, to follow some easy tips that will help to improve your health. Here are some of the easiest ways to improve your health without exercise.

Herbal Remedies

There are plenty of herbal remedies that aid recovery, improve overall health, and enhance mental health. Herbal remedies have long been the choice for those who wish to improve their health holistically. Pharmaceuticals come with nasty side effects, and there are often suitable natural alternatives. Coming in at number one is marijuana. More commonly referred to as cannabis or weed, it’s a popular herbal remedy favored by thousands.

It’s a great remedy for pain, inflammation, depression, and insomnia. The list could go on. If you’re a first-time user, consider using indica seeds. Indica is commonly referred to as the nighttime strain because it produces a chilled-out vibe. User’s report feeling relaxed, euphoric, and happy. Cannabis is excellent at improving both physical and mental health.

When used in moderation, it can greatly improve your mood, various health conditions such as arthritis, glaucoma, and depression. First-time users will benefit from doing plenty of research and trying it for the first time using the smallest amount. You can always try more, but if too much is consumed, it can produce side effects such as increased heart rate, panic, and anxiety.

Better Routines

Once you become a person with a routine, there’s no going back. A routine is so important, whether it be a morning routine, evening routine, or a daily routine you follow. It keeps you grounded, focused, and on track.

Routines are excellent at improving your overall health, especially your mental health. The two main routines that people benefit from the most are morning and evening routines. A morning routine sets the intention for the day, and an evening routine helps the body and mind to unwind from the day.

Morning Routine

A morning routine can help you to feel more prepared to tackle the day ahead. The morning is the perfect time to put a focus on health and wellbeing. A great way to kick off your morning routine is with a cold shower. Don’t knock it until you try it! A cold shower in the morning has incredible health benefits. It improves circulation, strengthens your immune system, and invigorates the mind.

If you’re not a breakfast person, start the day with a healthy fruit smoothie or vegetables, if you’re brave enough! It begins your day with natural energy and will be packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals needed to support normal body function. Two easy suggestions that make up a positive morning routine.

Evening Routine

An evening routine has more of a benefit for your mental health than your physical. It’s common to overthink at night. One thought leads to another, and all of a sudden, it spirals into anxiety, stress, and a lack of ability to switch off. Enter evening routine.

The first suggestion is to keep technology to a minimum. One of the most toxic traits the average modern-day adult has is spending time on the cell phone before bed. Scrolling through social media stimulates the mind and only adds to overthinking.

An evening routine has more of a benefit for your mental health than your physical. It's common to overthink at night. One thought leads to another, and all of a sudden, it spirals into anxiety, stress, and a lack of ability to switch off. Enter evening routine. 

Substitute reading or listening to a positive podcast. A study concluded that reading before bed helps with insomnia, and just six minutes of reading reduces stress levels by 68%. The average adult can spare six minutes of an evening to read!

The second suggestion is to incorporate meditation into your evening routine. Meditation is misunderstood. People attempt meditation with the hope of completely switching off their thoughts. That rarely happens. Meditation is about guiding your thoughts back to your breath, focusing on breathing in and breathing out, to distract the mind from the usual rat race thoughts. There are apps for guided meditation, which makes it really easy to follow.

The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 is easy to follow, and it’s a great way of forming discipline with your diet. The basic principle is to eat clean 80% of the time and indulge the other 20%. It’s a great method because you know that there is room for a treat. One of the main reasons the general public finds it hard to stick to a healthy diet is that they throw themselves into it all or nothing. There is a misconception that a healthy diet must be restricted to salads and no carbs.

Healthy eating is so much more than that. There are delicious, flavorsome, low-calorie meals that are easy to make. Check out YouTube, buy new recipe books, and follow healthy cooking blogs for inspiration.

The 20% is the fun part. If you can be disciplined and spend 80% of the day eating clean meals, you can reward yourself with a sweet treat. It’s so much easier to eat healthy during the day if you know a slice of cake is waiting for you at the end of the day, and it is guilt-free!


Supplements should always be consumed using the advice of a medical professional. Supplements are a great way of giving your body a boost and improving its overall function. There are a variety of supplements on the market that target a range of health conditions. It’s important to do plenty of research to discover which supplement might be perfect for you. Here are some of the most commonly purchased supplements for some inspiration:

  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Probiotics
  • Fish oil

Research the various supplements and their benefits and see which one suits you. Improving your mental and physical health should be the focus of 2021. The suggestions above make it seem easy. Find solutions that work for you and put your body first.