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What to Expect When Getting a Divorce

34% of all married couples will get a divorce before they’ve reached the 20th anniversary of their marriage. If you’re reading this, we understand you’re preparing for a divorce and want to know what you should expect when getting a divorce.

We’ve created a brief list of things you should prepare for when you’re going through a legal separation. Keep reading to be more prepared during this big transition.

You Will Need Support

While many of us think of ourselves as being strong, when you’re going through a divorce, you will need the support of close family and friends. Divorce can uncover several emotions that you didn’t know you were feeling, like anger and resentment.

Your support network will be there as an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on during the times when your divorce becomes challenging to handle emotionally.

There Will Be Change

Even if you get a majority of the things you want during the divorce proceedings, you need to be prepared for major changes. Everything about your life will change from the way you knew it to a new norm.

If there are children involved in the divorce, life for them will change because they will now be splitting time between not one, but two homes. Sometimes finding counseling for your children will help them make sense of what’s going on and learn ways to cope.

You’ll Play the Blame Game

Is it my fault? Is it their fault?

You may not feel this way during the entire legal separation, but at some point, you will begin to question yourself and ask the coveted question, ‘what if?’ We recommend that you avoid playing the blame game when you’re going through a divorce and focus on having a peaceful divorce.

When you start playing the blame game or blaming yourself, it can turn the divorce into a nasty back and forth battle, leaving neither of you with the things you truly want.

Get a Lawyer

Divorces can become confusing, especially if you don’t have a lawyer on your side to detail and fight for what you’re asking for. As soon as you realize you will be divorcing your former spouse, you need to hire an attorney.

Specifically, an attorney specializing in family law can help you with your divorce and things like child custody. If you’re not sure how to find the right lawyer for you, learn more here.

What to Expect When Getting a Divorce

There are several things that you can expect when you’re getting a divorce. Expect your children to have a difficult time handling the changes that are taking place.

You can also expect to go through an array of emotions, and you will need people around you that you can lean on. Did we provide the answers you were looking for?

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