Features You Must Know About Health Insurance For Individuals

Features You Must Know About Health Insurance For Individuals

There is a lot of difference between a family man’s lifestyle vs a man who lives alone. However, the one thing that is common for both is the need for health insurance. If you are among those who have no financial or family responsibilities, health insurance for individuals is the best fit. It is one of the best investments you can make at a young age or when you start earning. With a good health plan by your side, you can stay financially protected during medical emergencies and save more for your future.

So, below are some essential features that you must know about an individual health insurance policy:

Cost-Effective: The premium you pay towards a health insurance policy for individuals is comparatively lower than other plans like a family floater. It is a cost-effective way to benefit from complete coverage.

No Maximum Age Limit: There is no maximum age limit to purchase health insurance for singles. However, it’s a good idea to get insured at an early age to reap maximum benefits.

No Medical Check-Up Needed: You can get this policy without a pre-policy medical checkup.

Cashless Hospitalization: One of the best features of this policy is cashless hospitalization. You do not need to arrange instant cash to kick start the treatment in times of a medical emergency. Instead, your chosen health insurer directly settles your hospital bills.

Comprehensive Coverage:  It offers comprehensive coverage, including benefits like in-patient hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization, ICU charges, ambulance cover, and lots more.

COVID-19 Cover- Leading insurance brands like Care Health Insurance offer COVID-19 cover under health insurance for individuals. It includes treatment and quarantine expenses. Check their website for more details.

Domiciliary Hospitalization: This feature allows you to avail of medical treatments at home if recommended by the doctor. The individual health insurance collections plan covers the expenses so that you can recover peacefully in the comfort of your home.

AYUSH Benefits: If you are a follower of Ayurveda, you will be glad to know that a health insurance policy also covers AYUSH (Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy). It helps you with sustainable treatment.

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Daycare Procedures: Gone are the days when you need to be hospitalized for small procedures. Thanks to medical advancement! Now you can go for daycare procedures worry-free; the health insurance policy covers them too.

Lifelong Renewability: Individual health insurance plans come with lifelong renewability. So you can relax and get the coverage lifelong on break free renewals.

Tax Benefit: The premium paid for health insurance for individuals get tax exemption under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act,. So, you can save more for your future.

Additional Benefits: You will get some more benefits under the health insurance policy for individuals that enhance its coverage. No claim bonus, co-payment waive, international second opinion, and reduction in a waiting period some of the benefits you can avail of.

Top Listed Health Insurance Companies in India

Following are the leading health insurance brands in India; you can check their plans:

Health Insurer


Network Hospitals


Claim Settlement Ratio


IFFCO Tokio 4000+


Care Health Insurance




HDFC Ergo 10000+




Max Bupa Health Insurance






Star Health 8800+


78. 15%


Make a Wise Choice

The choice of the health insurance policy depends on several factors. Health insurance for individuals is apt for people who are single and have no family responsibilities. But, if you have a family, you must opt for a family floater.  Remember that whether you are an individual or have a family investing in health insurance is a must.