When you're preparing for your next summer water adventure with the family, don't forget to bring these essentials on your boating trip!

7 Must-Have Items for Your Next Boating Trip

The United States Coast Guard responds to almost 20,000 search and rescue cases per year. You need to have the right boating gear if you want to ensure your vessel doesn’t become one of them.

Even a short boating trip can turn tragic if you are ill-prepared. Learning what to pack for boating is a critical part of being a responsible mariner. Having some boating essentials on board will make your voyage safer.

Use this informative guide to help create your boating trip checklist. Here, we discuss seven essential things you need on a boat when taking it out for an adventure. Read on to find out everything you need to know!

1. Life Jackets

Life jackets, also known as PFDS or personal flotation devices, are your most important piece of safety gear. You are required by law to have enough for each of your passengers. Consult with your state laws for more info.

2. Signal Flares

In the event of an emergency, you need to signal to other boaters that you are in distress. Signal flares allow you to grab their attention, even if your other communication devices have failed.

3. Radio

Having an appropriate marine-grade radio is essential. This is your primary means of communication with other boaters, harbors, and other entities. You can also use it to get weather reports.

4. Dry Bags

Having a dry bag for your most important items will keep them safe from the elements. Even if you don’t plan on having them go overboard, dry bags will keep items safe from the spray and salt inherent to boating.

5. Means of Refrigeration for a Boating Trip

Larger vessels may have onboard refrigerators suitable for extended maritime journeys. For smaller vessels or shorter duration trips, you can get a cooler. You can rent coolers and other equipment from the Osprey Beach Company.

6. First Aid Kit

Having a fully-stocked first aid kit is essential for a safe voyage. You also should include some basic sea-sickness remedies in your first aid kit, such as Dramamine.

Also make sure to include some basic disinfectants, bandages, tourniquets, and an AED. Make sure to pack your first aid kit in a waterproof container to help it maintain its integrity from the elements.

7. Extra Clothing

Pack some warm and dry clothing for emergencies in case anybody starts to get cold. Weather can change fast while boating, and having a comfortable pair of warm clothes to change into can help you stay healthy and happy.

Be Prepared for Your Boating Trip

Being prepared for your next boating trip can mean the difference between a great time and a maritime disaster. Having the right gear on board your boat can help you ensure your next voyage is a successful one, as can obtaining an MO boat license before you take your boat on the water.

Use the seven essential items in this guide as a start for your boating checklist. Then, research to find even more pieces of critical maritime gear to obtain. For other relevant information like this guide, check back with our site again!