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This Is How to Smoke Marijuana the Right Way

Smoking marijuana isn’t as easy as it appears, and there’s often a learning curve when you first begin. But, there are specific techniques to maximize your experience and ensure you’re smoking correctly without wasting any marijuana.

To help you become a master, here is everything you need to know about how to smoke marijuana.

The Basics of Marijuana

If you’re planning to smoke marijuana, you’ll need a smoking pipe. Cannabis pipes are usually made of glass as opposed to traditional tobacco pipes.

Pipes consist of a bowl, an airtight channel, and a mouthpiece. The bowl is the area you put the marijuana in, and the channel carries the smoke you’ll inhale.

Other than a pipe, you’ll need a lighter and a grinder. The lighter will provide the heating source for the marijuana, and the grinder helps you break the bud into smaller pieces to smoke.

Once you’ve ground the weed, place it in the bowl of the pipe. It’s also recommended that you put a couple of tablespoons of water into the pipe base. This will ease the harshness of the marijuana on your lungs.

How to Inhale Marijuana

The most important tip for smoking cannabis is to take it slow and use measured draws to prevent lung irritation. As you light the marijuana, wait to see a small spark in the bud, which shows you that it’s been lit. Then, keep your mouth on the mouthpiece of the pipe the whole time.

Release the lighter and slowly inhale the smoke. You’ll notice the smoke carry upwards into your mouth. The more smoke you inhale, the harsher the pull be. So it’s always best to take it slow and inhale small bits at a time.

Once you’ve inhaled the smoke, pull it in and then blow it out. You should start feeling the effects pretty quickly.

How to Reduce Coughing and Burning Your Throat

The number one mistake beginning smokers make when they start smoking marijuana is to inhale too fast. This results in lots of coughing and an uncomfortable feeling in your throat.

To minimize these effects, it’s best to take slow and to take measured draws. Begin with more shallow inhalations, and slowly work your way up to deeper inhales as you become more experienced.

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Now You Know How to Smoke Marijuana Properly

These are the main ways to ensure you know how to smoke marijuana properly. You may not get it the first couple of tries, but after some practice, you’ll have it down.

So, don’t get frustrated. Instead, be patient, practice, take it one step at a time, and you’ll soon be an expert!

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