Video: Sad as Nigerian man cries whiles his properties burn to ashes amid Xenophobia attack

A South African woman with her Nigerian husband has shared a sad and heartbreaking experience in the middle of the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The victims shared a video of their properties that were burnt to ashes.

The age of social media has been positive as many followers and media persons have empathized with him on the unfortunate treatment he had to endure.

The world is almost against South African’s consistent xenophobic attacks as Social media is currently buzzing with several harrowing stories of the heartbreaking experience that Foreigners are enduring.

The Nigerian victim identified as Thaddeus who claims to be married to a South African woman, shared a sad video on microblogging platform Twitter, that captured the moment his properties were razed by fire. Thaddeus who disclosed that he works as a video editor in a TV station in the country, revealed that he also has a side hustle of selling cars, in other to sufficiently cater for his family.

Unfortunately, the recent attacks have left him in a pitiable condition, as he claimed that three of his cars were set on fire for no reason.

Reacting to his touching story, several social media users were spotted in the comment section condemning the attack and empathizing with the family.

Reacting to the incident, he posted on twitter;