Video: Another Gender-Reveal Flyby Went Bad When Plane Crashes Into Sea

Video: Another Gender-Reveal Flyby Went Bad When Plane Crashes Into Sea

On Tuesday, a gender reveal stunt turned tragic when the plane carrying out the reveal crashed into the sea off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. The incident killed two people on board the plane, and officials are looking into it.

According to SIPSE News, on March 30, a Cessna 206 with the registration XA-UPC took off from Holbox Island bound for Cancun. The Cessna 206 is a small single-engine plane that is popular among small commercial operations and bush pilots. The plane was owned by XOMEX, a Mexican company that offers air taxis and personalized services. According to some local reports, the plane may have had four occupants.

The plane flew over the Nichupté Lagoon near Cancun’s Hotel Zone at 3:54 p.m. local time. According to Mega News, relatives of the pregnant woman captured the plane’s flyby from a boat in the lagoon. You can hear them guessing that the baby is a boy in the video just before the pink smoke from the plane proves them wrong.

The plane appears to make a hard turn after buzzing by the boat before nosediving into the lagoon.

The Mexican Association of Nautical Tourism arrived on the scene to help with the rescue efforts. Unfortunately, two of the Cessna’s occupants were killed in the crash. Here’s the video that the relatives shot. Warning: The crash is difficult to watch.

Gender reveals have caused mayhem, injury, and even death as a result of the stunts’ wildfires and explosions. Another aircraft gender reveal went wrong in 2019 when a plane dropped hundreds of gallons of pink water before crashing.

The cause of the Cancun crash is unknown at this time. This story will be updated as new information becomes available.