Utah Governor Spencer Cox is celebrating his 100th day in office

Utah Governor Spencer Cox is celebrating his 100th day in office

At Morgan Elementary School and Morgan High School, Utah Governor Spencer Cox celebrated his first 100 days in office with faculty and students. Gov. Cox told a candid, surprising story that many students will remember during the event on Wednesday.

Cox began his governorship campaign in Morgan and returned 100 days later to tout his top achievement.

He stated, “When I first took office, I said the only thing that matters right now is vaccine distribution,” “That was our top 10 priorities, especially coming out of the pandemic.” Following vaccines, education funding ranked first, with an emphasis on equity. “There are kids who are struggling and we can’t leave them behind,” Governor Cox said.

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The lieutenant governor and the first lady praised Morgan High students for their concern for one another. “You guys are the generation that is going to show us a better way,” Abby Cox, the first lady, said. “You’re more empathetic, you’re more connected, you’re more in tune with each other and that is what is going to reduce suicide.”

The significance of this became clear when the governor admitted to students, shockingly, that he had considered suicide when he was their age.

“As I think back to those seats where you are now and think about what could have happened and what did happen, I’m so grateful that I chose to stay,” he said. “I want you to know that we love you, that there are people fighting for you and that we need you to stay.”

It was a memorable moment for those students, as well as a foreshadowing of an effort Utahns will most likely hear about in the next 100 days.