Trump fan hit with scooter as protest outside California Democrats convention turns violent: report

Trump fan scooter struck as a protest outside the convention of California Democrats turns violent: study

Three suspects were arrested Saturday after a fight broke out in front of the California Democratic Convention in Long Beach between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters.

Around a dozen supporters of Trump stood outside the Long Beach Convention Center, shouting “Four more years!” The Long Beach Post reported.

Two men approached the Trump supporters and started “harassing” them, according to one of the Trump supporters. At some point one of the anti-Trump protesters hit one of the Trump supporters in the face with a manual scooter, according to The Post.

“It happened very quickly,” said Raul Rodriguez Jr., a supporter of Trump.

Rodriguez said that after turning on his siren and bringing it in his head, the protester grabbed his bull horn. He said the attacker was trying to hit him and prompted another supporter of Trump to defend Rodriguez.

Police arrested all three men with a deadly weapon, which is not a gun, on suspicion of rape.

Two of the suspects were taken to the hospital with minor cuts.

It wasn’t clear who started the physical fight, The Post reported.

The Long Beach Police Department “is committed to ensuring the rights of all 1st Amendment, but we also want to remind you that there will be no toleration of violence of any kind in our community,” the department said in a tweet.

Eight Democratic presidential candidates attended the convention Saturday.